Galliera went home w/ me!! oh my....

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  1. Just 7 days after purchasing my hampstead pm, I had to go check the galliera at the store after lunch... I went there as usual to pick up my watercolor bandeu...okay so I lied that I did not like the galliera because of it's slouching effect but when I put in on... I realized that hey! hobo's are meant to slouch right? so w/o having second thoughts.... of she goes to the brown box!!! yay!! Im in love w/ her guys...have to hide her for the mean time since this is my 4th purchase in a months after the eva, montorgueil and hampstead.... but I will still have to get my bandeu since I was not able to get it a while ago... so pls allow me to share her... PLS EXCUSE MY SLEEPWEAR LOL!!! I had to change right away when I get home bec hubby might notice I went out shopping LOL!!!!!:yes:
    Photo 8.jpg Photo 7.jpg Photo 16.jpg
  2. Loves it, Congrats:tup::tup:
  3. Looks great on you! Congratz
  4. congrats! its gorgeous!
  5. Oooh, it is so pretty.

    Looks great on ya too .... :tup:

  6. great !
  7. Congrats & looking good -- wow 4 in a month...
  8. congrats...very nice:tup:
  9. wow it's been a great LV month 4u :smile: congrats!
  10. it looks beautiful on you! congrats!

    btw, hello to a fellow kababayan:smile:
  11. It looks fantastic!
  12. Wow! Amazing, 4 LVS in a row! Superb :wlae:We just can't stop!
  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Congrats!!!
  14. You look great with her - Congrats!!
  15. Is that a pm or gm? Whatever, it looks fab on you!