Galliera VS Trevi

I posted a thread deciding between Galliera and Stresa and decided I liked the Galliera PM better. Now im thinking of the Trevi and if I should get it instead of the Galliera. But it means that I have to wait longer because I need more time to save up for it. Also, the Trevi is a little heavier than the Galliera. Pros and cons of both bags please especially the Trevi since I haven't researched much about it.


Jan 3, 2010
I have Trevi PM.
pros: worry-free about vachetta, pretty shape & design, both sholder or elbow carry
cons: price (LOL) and a bit heavy (1kg)without item

Trevi is the must have-bag indeed. I love it more and more since I have it.
How heavy is the Trevi? I want a lightweight and worry free bag so I think Trevi is worry free and the Galliera is lightweight. The Galliera I can get by August, if I decide to get the Trevi I will probably get it much later.


Apr 11, 2008
trevi! i don't find the trevi heavy considering that i'm only 39kg. the trevi has no vachetta to worry about. even though galliera is a beautiful bag, i'd pick the trevi over galliera. plus the galliera has the brass ring problem. and you can carry the trevi by the elbow, not just a shoulder carry bag. trevi can also be both for dress up and down days.
I guess I would try on the Trevi when im ready to buy because I feel weird going to a LV store and just try on bags and not buy anything. Do you guys feel the same way?

Anyway, I think the weight of the Trevi will bother me. I am used to light bags like Longchamp, Speedy & Neverfull. My shoulders hurt when I carry heavy stuff but I really like how the Trevi looks.
I would get the Trevi first and the Galliera later when you're ready for another purchase :smile:

Does the weight of the Trevi bother you?

I'm really confused. :confused1: The Trevi is so so pretty. The only thing that's stopping me from choosing it is the weight of the bag plus it is a lot more expensive. Also, im not sure how soon I will be able to buy my next LV bag again.