~ Galliera VS Palermo...?

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  1. hey everyone! im looking for a bag to take with me during my summer vacation to LA =] something that would hold alotta stuff and is easy to carry around at the airport, etc... sooo i got a call from our LV boutique today & they told me that they could put the Galliera on hold for me for 2 days so i need to make a decision quick! i really like both the Galliera PM and the Palermo PM & dunno what to choose.. im leaning more towards the Galliera cuz i think the Palermo is kiiiinda similar to the cabby which i already have (pleats, shoulder strap)

    so what do you all think? :hrmm:
  2. I own both the Palermo PM and the Galliera PM. I think for you the Galliera PM is the way to go since you said you already own one that is similar to the Palermo PM. I like the fact the Palermo PM is so versitale and can be worn a few different ways but I think the Galliera PM is more comfortable to wear and more eyecatching too.
  3. Both are great bags, but for me Galliera is just more unusual, it stands out:tup:
  4. In my preference Galliera definitely stands out!
  5. It's funny -- I'm now contemplating both of these bags as well. I've ruled out the Monty and the BH -- now I'm down to the Palermo PM vs the Galliera PM like you are. I think I'm personally leaning towards the Galliera PM. The only thing is I do think it's more trendy than the Palermo, IMO. That's the only thing that's holding me back a bit. I do like that the Galliera has the microfiber lining rather than the textile lining. I have a feeling once I see it IRL that the lining will have me sold on the Galliera! It is such a cute bag and I do agree with the pp that I do think it will stand out a bit more.
  6. I do agree that the Palermo is similar to the Cabby and since you already have that, then I'd go with the Galliera.

    However, I would take the Cabby for the trip ~ so you can have hands free if you need it and assuming you have the Cabby GM, you can also carry it cross-body!
  7. palermo..
  8. Palermo is more practical:tup:
  9. Galliera all the way!!!!!!!!!
  10. Another vote for Galleria :tup:
  11. Galliera :yes:
  12. i was torn between the same two bags and have followed this thread. last saturday when i went to the store and ended up with the palermo. surprisingly, the galliera IMO ,was not as nice as how i imagined after seeing all the modeling pics here. and the palermo actually looked better IRL.
  13. Galleria. I haven't been a fan of the shape of the Palermo. The Galleria would also be the better choice since you already have a Cabby.
  14. Galliera. A great hobo-style and very comfortable to carry. Will hold a lot without actually weighing you down.
  15. If you're looking in PM size, I'll say for GAlliera :smile: but for GM size, Palermo will be great.