Galliera too sophisticated for a Laptop bag?

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  1. My laptop fits in my Galliera you think it is too nice to use as a laptop bag...does it look too fancy?? the laptop fits fine, but i am wondering if that it too over the top...what do you guys think???
  2. No way! I think it's the type of bag that you can dress up or dress down with. If you can fit your laptop in it, go nuts!! I love it!!
  3. ^^^ haha, I wasn't expecting such enthusiasm...let's see what everyone else says...
  4. It's a nice bag but I think there are better choices for laptop bags. You really shouldn't put any other items in the bag with it because it will scratch your laptop, so in that cause I think a 'laptop' shaped, flat type of bag would be a better choice : ) Hope I helped a little.
  5. I think your laptop will be too much wear and tear on the lining. It is really thin, and the bag's style itself really isn't meant to be for carrying a computer. Just my opinion.
  6. If you''re just using it for your laptop only I think it would be fine.:tup: But like others have said, probably not a good idea to have a whole heap of other stuff in it at the same time as this might damage the laptop.
  7. I don't think it's too sophisticated, but it might be a bit of an awkward fit....
  8. I use the Porte-Document Pegase for my laptop and it works great. Throw a cute bag charm on it for fun and to make it more feminine!
  9. If it fits completely and you plan on having nothing else in the bag then go for it!
  10. You guys made some really good points...

    I have a skin on my laptop so that prevents wear and tear....i also worried about the lining, but my laptop is only like 3 or 4 lbs so it doesn't seem like too much strain. There's also like so much more room left even with the laptop in it and it fits really good in the bag so the bag keeps its shape and still snaps at the top even with the laptop in

    I still would like other opinions though...
  11. I don't think the lining will support the weight of laptop. Cotton canvas maybe, but not alcantara.
  12. Let's see a pic of it with your lap top in it.
  13. ok...i'll take one tomorrow
  14. I think it depends a lot on the size and weight of the laptop. An airbook could be carried in almost any medium sized bag with no trouble, a big old HP, not so much. ;)

    If it fits and you don't feel it's too heavy for the bag, I say go for it. :smile: I too prefer to carry my laptop in a bigger handbag with the rest of my stuff, as opposed to having a handbag plus some sort of laptop bag.
  15. I don't think it's a matter of sophistication - any large enough LV bag would make a lovely holder for a notebook I think - but rather of practicality and functionality. Depending on the weight and exact dimensions of your notebook, the handles and lining of the Galliera might become damaged in the long run if the notebook is too heavy for it and/or stretches it. (It is a fashion bag after all, not a notebook bag or luggage.) Moreover, the bag wouldn't provide much protection for your notebook against knocks and bumps, and is something you should keep in mind if you wanted a bag that could at least offer some cushion from damage for your computer.