Galliera Tarnish

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  1. :confused1: I just noticed that the sides of galliera is developing tarnish stains from the round gold thing that holds the bag! calling all galliera owners does this happen to your bag as well??? I took a pic of what I am tryng to describe but it does not show the slight black marks that it has... (when the gold harware rubs of the vachetta) any suggestions? or am i baby-ing my bag too much???:confused1:

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  2. i dont have this bag so i don't know, but i have the perfo speedy and it has a decorative gold lock on it dangling ontop of vachetta. the vachetta piece now has a black scuff mark on it from the lock.
  3. The same thing happens to my Tulum PM...right where the metal touches the vachetta. ***sigh*** Just another part of owning mono LV. I just clean it off with magic eraser once a month (yes, it does keep coming back ***sigh***).
  4. so maybe it is really a part of owning a mono that has gold hardware rubbing of the vachetta,,, sigh...... its just so sad that bags these expensive have this kind of issues...I guess this is really inevitable right? for all those galliera owners that has the same issue pls share your thoughts would love to hear from you... thanks.....:crybaby:
  5. I did not expect this kind of problem from a thousand + bag. That's too bad.
  6. Oh no! Has it stained both sides of the bag with the vachetta trim? My friend was contemplating on getting this bag too. Have you tried cleaning it off with baby wipes? I guess the hardware would keep rubbing against the vachetta every time you use it though.
  7. Try using a white rubber eraser. White pencil erasers such as the "Steadler" brands usually gets stains and dirt off the vach. I use it on any vachette parts on any LV bags. HTH
  8. I had this happen on another bag of mine , not LV but Anya Hindmarch . It was the composition in the metal . The whole bag where the gold metal touched the bag went black . I returned it and got a full refund.

  9. same here I think it has something to do w/ the composition of the hardware material... I just kinda dissapointed bec I know it would rub thru the hardware and get marks everytime I use it... so Im having second thoughts about returning the purse.... :s
  10. If I was you I would return it.
  11. Oh no! I just bought these! I hope it doesnt stain that bad!
  12. Oh no! I just bought this! I hope it doesnt stain that bad!
  13. Do you think the stain will disappear as the vachetta ages?
  14. IMO that area would turn black and wont blend in with patina. Thats just my assumption though.

    I'ld suggest to return it or ask LV what your options are with this bag
  15. it will not dissapear it will only get worse. If it looks like you havent used it much I would bring it back. You might have no choice but to keep it though =/