Galliera Python?

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  1. I was in the Louis Vuitton store and the SA gave me a catalogue for the spring 2010 and it showed a Galliera in Python. Has anyone seen it or know how much it will be? I have searched the site and there's no mention of it.
  2. It's been out for a little bit, just takes time to track one down. It's roughly $4800...that's not an exact price, but just a rough estimate from what I remember.
  3. wow I had no idea. This was the first time I've seen it.
  4. i believe speyta has one! maybe look at her collection thread for details
  5. i saw it in the 2009 on the limited edition runway bags , prices is 6800 us.....
  6. Wow this is the first I heard of it. If someone has a pic please post.
  7. Here ya go!
  8. Opps!

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  9. THANKS CGS--It is really pretty. I would be so scared to use it as the pythin would flake off?
  10. Oooooooh... Galliera Smeralda! :smile:

    The first Smeralda from 2008 was a GM Galliera, last year came a PM size in the stores.
    Absolutly divine.
  11. oh my i did not know they come in pm too ! i would love the pm more not too pricecy
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.