Galliera PM vs. Montorgueil GM vs. Tivoli GM for my first LV

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  1. Hi! I'm having my friend buy me my first LV from Paris. I'm looking at the pictures in their webpage and I can't decide either galliera pm or montorgueil gm or tivoli gm. Will anybody be kind enough to enlighten me on the pros and cons of these bags? I need a bag that would be sturdy enough to carry a lot of things especially when I'm traveling.

    And does the prices on the e-shopping site for France the same as their prices in the stores?

    Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. I am also deciding whether to buy Tivoli GM or Galliera PM......I have read the posts and I am still torn. Some love the Tivoli for zip closure but hate the sagginess. Galliera for space but not the magnetic closure. Hmnnnnn...........ladies, please help; )
  3. Glad you posted this because I'm debating between Galliera PM and Tivoli GM! I don't mind the sagginess factor but love that it has 2 handles so I can dig into the bag without taking it off my shoulder. I really like that about my Hampstead MM. But the Galliera is so cool looking :P Can't wait to see what the consensus is!
  4. Well I don't like how the pleats on Tivoli get out of shape and how, eventually, the part of the straps under the buckle starts curling up. I would go with either Monty GM or Galliera PM, I like both of them, but prefer the Galiera. Depends if you really want a zipper; sometimes I think it looks too floppy in the GM, but it's ok. I really like the look, size, etc. of the Galliera, and it only has 1 shoulder strap which is comfier than 2!
  5. What a toughie!! I am also debating another shoulder bag and I have looked at these two repeatedly. I am leaning toward the Tivoli GM bc everyone seems to have the Galliera and I am afraid the plate will look dated quickly. I havent seen the sagging issue -- pics anyone??? I like two straps for digging and one strap for comfort. Hmmmm......
  6. I can only speak about the Tivoli GM which is what I have. I personally love the bag and that is looks so feminine and elegant. I do hear people complain about the pleats not staying in place but that really hasn't been an issue for me, maybe because I carry it more on my arm vs the shoulder and even if they do get out of place it's no big deal to adjust it quickly.

    I'm probably one of the minority's on here because I don't care for the Mono version of the Galliera, like the other poster said, they are everywhere. Out of the two it probably is better for carrying a lot of stuff around while being comfy on the shoulder but I just hate going to a restaurant and seeing 3 or 4 people with the same bag. It kinda takes away the uniqueness of it. At least where I live I don't see the Tivoli near as much and when I do it's usually the PM size. Now if LV ever comes out with the Galliera in Damier Ebene then I'm all over that.

    Regarding the Monty, bleh.. sorry it doesn't do anything for me personally. It's rather plain.

  7. Tivoli gm!!!!!!!! tivoli Tivoli GM!!!!:woohoo::woohoo::okay:
  8. I agree!
    My vote goes to the galliera :smile:
  9. I love the Montorgueil, I dont see those around like I do the others.
  10. I only own two of the three styles mentioned here, but my pick is the Montorgueil. It's a very practical and lightweight bag. I have Monty PM and Tivoli PM. Although Galliera PM is very comfy when I tried it on in the boutique, I didn't get it bc IMO, for something that's open top like this style, I would rather go for Mahina L.
  11. HAD the Galleria, returned her-didn't like the light lining-too dirtysome, to trendy as well- IMO
    i HAVE THE MONTY GM and she is a wonderful everyday bag--like the speedy but can be put on your shoulder, soooooo lightweight
    but my favorite Ilove bag is the Tivoli Gm-she is the most beautiful, feminime bag and I adore her!
    I love her uniquiness, don't see them at all around my area, love the gold pull, and absolutely love the pleats,( no problems with getting out of shape for me)
    yOU SHOULD GET THE TIVOLI GM-IMO, you will not regret:biggrin:
  12. Bought my Galliera PM a couple of months ago and still loving it...:heart:I like carrying my LV on the shoulder and the Galliera PM sits nicely on the shoulder..IMO.
    PS: they are both beautiful!!
  13. I have both the Tivoli GM and the Galliera PM and they're definitely different bags, I would say for practicality and size..definitely the Tivoli, its beautiful, looks amazing with patina and the curling of the straps isn't bad once you don't throw it around and I usually just bend them back slightly. I love mine and it has been my everyday bag for the past few months. It took me a while to decide on this bag since I it wasn't love at first sight like some of my others but this is one bag that I would say you definitely learn to love and its so much more beautiful with patina. As for the Galliera, its definitely a hot bag as well but I worry alot about scratching the front plate and the interior is a very light beige suede that's so easy to get dirty (like the interior of the beverlys and manhattans) that would drive me crazy so I don't use that one as an everyday bag and since I got it in january, I've only use it a few times because I feel I need to be way more careful with that one. Good Luck, let us know what you decide on.
  14. Tivoli