Galliera PM or Tahitienne PM

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Galliera PM or Beige Tahitienne PM?

  1. Galliera PM

  2. Beige Tahitienne PM

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  1. Which bag gets your vote? The Galliera PM is gorgeous but it is strictly a shoulder bag. The Tahitienne PM is sooooo cute and can be shoulder or handheld (adjustable straps). I live in a warm climate so would get lots of use out of both. I know the Tahitienne is much more of a 'summer' bag and I am ok w/that. Love all the colors of this bag!
  2. I voted for the Galliera! Personally, I like that better, but after reading your post, I htink you should get teh Tahitienne! Seems like you like it better than the Galliera! It is totally cute!
  3. i agree with this:yes:
  4. whats the tahietiene?
  5. Can you post a pic of the Tahitienne? I did a search but all I see is a scarf.
  6. I personally prefer the Galliera PM. I saw the Tahitienne PM today and they look like a beach bag to me. I don't mean that in a negative way, they were very pretty (and also quite expensive) but I think the Galliera will stay "in style" a lot longer.
  7. Galliera PM!
  8. Galliera PM
  9. I voted for the Galliera..But the Tahitienne is cute, too!
  10. galliera PM will b here tomorrow,I also have the beige on HOLD.Im going to look at in tomorrow..ill let ya know what i think
  11. Galliera is probably more classic, but I like both. It's just that Tahitienne seems trendier. Get both if you can!!
  12. Galliera pm
  13. heres a pic of the tahitiennes
  14. I'd go with the Tahitiennes for now ~ perfect for Spring/Summer ... can always get the Galliera later for Fall!
  15. Galliera definitely in my opinion