Galliera Pm or Neverfull+Sarah Wallet? Help me decide please~

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Galliera pm OR Neverfull mm + Sarah Wallet

  1. Galliera pm

  2. Neverfull mm + Sarah Wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi~
    I'm looking for an everyday school bag but something that will still look good with a formal clothing (skirt + blouse for example).

    My initial thought was to buy the neverfull mm but the comments of how bad the quality of the bag is compared to other lv bags worries me. Should I chip in more and get a better quality bag like the galliera? :thinking:

    I really like the galliera in pm but I don't know if I'll like the look with the patina. (does anyone have pictures with the patina?)
    Also, it's pricey. I can get a neverfull mm and a sarah wallet for the price of the galliera pm.

    What are the pros and cons of Neverfull mm and Galliera pm?

    Should I get a neverfull mm + sarah wallet or just the galliera pm?
    Is it worth investing a lot of $$ in a shoulder bag?

    Opinions much appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. I voted neverfull and wallet. It sounds as if you are young and this is a perfect first bag - and then you get something to go in it as well! I personally prefer the galliera - I am plus size and it just fits a lot better IMO.
  3. I vote for nf+sarah wallet.actually the quality of nf is not as low as you think because if it's low quality LV won't make it.besides, if you have any problem you can always return it in certain time.
  4. I vote galliera
  5. lol i wanna know the answer to this too! haah
  6. Galliera gets my vote! Sorry, just no fan of the thin straps on the NF.
  7. I think the NF + Sarah wallet, the NF has a youthful feel to it, if it's for school especially, and you get 2 LV's for the price. I am kinda over the galliera and the big gold badge in the front is what mostly has put me off, (I'd go with the artsy over the Galliera).

    The biggest complaint I've read about the NF is the thin straps which won't be a big deal if you don't overfill. The galliera has previously had straps broken but I think it's been resolved now. Mine has a bit of black on vachetta from it rubbing against the gold rings... and where the strap folds in.
  8. I voted for the galliera but either way you can't go wrong
  9. Go for the Galliera!
  10. IMO Galliera is a staple :smile:
  11. I love the Neverfull, so for me that's my choice :smile: But both are beautiful!
  12. neverfull !
  13. can i persuade you into a speedy PLUS sarah instead?

    I do think Galliera is too pricey and you can get a bag and a wallet for the price of a galliera. But I think its expensive for a reason. Its build to last more.. its got premium lining, its got adjustable straps, its got gold plate, its got feet, its bigger and better. If you are not ready for the price.. you can get speedy 30 which is made a whole lot better than a NF IMO.

  14. I personally would go for the Galliera. However, if it is to go to school i think the NF would be a good choice for school in general. Good luck!
  15. Nf and wallet.