Galliera PM or Hampstead mm?

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  1. I narrowed down the choices to Galliera PM Azur, Hampstead MM Ebony and azur? Which one should I get?
    I wanted a hampstead in ebony because i was looking for an everyday bag, one that i don't have to baby it so much. then i saw these hampstead and galliear in azur, they are beautiful:heart:

    i'm 5'8" and 23

    I'm open to other models as well. Any suggestions?
    should i follow my heart and go for Galliera azur?
    but hampstead ebony is practical :cursing:
    Help please
  2. I had both of these bags recently except my Galliera was in mono. I highly recommend the Galliera over the Hampstead. It is much more comfortable to carry. Both are beautiful but the Hampstead straps kept falling off my shoulders which was extremely annoying. I sold my Hampstead.
  3. Galliera for sure
  4. I have the Hampstead MM in damier ebony and the Galliera in mono. They serve totally different purposes. The Hampstead is a very versatile workhorse, fits books, papers, and other stuff. The Galliera is more of a casual type of bag that doesn't really work with things with sharp edges (like binders or books), just the usual stuff. I really like both but for work I'd def. choose the Hampstead. No worries w/color transfer or vachetta either ;)
  5. Galleria is on my wishlist, so I say go for the galleria.
  6. I have both and I say Damier Hampstead- more versatile than the galleria and easier to carry/wear!
  7. i vote for the hampstead!
  8. Interesting-I love the Hampstead but thought the bottom is too rigid- so it is not uncomfortable?
  9. Galliera in Azur! Its Gorgeous!!
  10. I would say hampstead MM. But please follow your heart and get galleria. We should buy what our heart wants and not our brain. trust me
  11. The bottom is rigid but the bag hangs comfortably, the bottom is below the elbow ;)
  12. If you need it for work and you carry a lot of stuff, I'd go with the Hampstead MM in Ebene.

    For fun and everyday casual use, I suggest the Galliera PM ~ I love my Mono version and wouldn't mind getting it in Azur as well!
  13. hampstead mm -ebony!
    i also wanna get this bag! =D
  14. Galliera!
  15. well l had the same decsion to make, as l like both, l am waitng for the galleria pm in sister bought the mono, and she was not going to buy lol...l will post pics when it comes, l think l would still like the hampstead later :smile: