Galliera pm keep or sell it ?

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  1. Hello
    I have a Galliera pm Damier Azur from 2012 and a papillon from 2003.

    Need help. The Papillon was one of my first lvs. But I don’t really reach for it. the Galliera I use a little bit more often but take my mind to let both go and buy something new or keep it and try to wear.

    What do you think ?
  2. I think if you are unsure do not sell anything. In my experience better to be on board 100% with selling, no questions. I’ve regretted letting go of many bags.
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  3. Keep Galliera. I find it is one of the best purses that louis vuitton ever done. My friend have one and Love.
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  4. Keep it. That is the 1 bag I don’t own and I am always hunting it. It is a well made beautiful classic piece. You are so lucky to have her!
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  5. Thank you guys ! Your adviceshelps me a lot !
  6. I actually let the Galleria go because I wasn't reaching for that bag anymore--no regrets here
  7. Keep it! I have the Same bag and it looks like new and I will never let it go! It's so beautiful and holds so much
  8. Unless you need to sell your two handbags, I would keep them both. They are made so beautifully. I am starting to like my older LV's better than the ones I now see in the stores. I have 2 Papillon's and the Monogram Galliera PM. I have not worn any of them for quite some time, but I love knowing they are there. I will wear them for sure at some point.
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  9. I’ve found when I spend time and effort “trying” to make something work I’m better off replacing it with something I actually enjoy using. Handbags should be fun and easy. Anyway, good luck deciding what works for you!
  10. Whenever I'm not sure about selling something, I break it out and use it. If I don't feel the love, I end up selling. But I also find out how much it would cost to replace if I wanted it in the future. I sold two Mono Noe GM's and regretted it and missed that bag - and re-bought one last year. It was more expensive (although in better condition than either of my old ones). Third time's a charm, I guess. lol I have the Galliera PM in Mono and Azur and I won't sell them mostly because they're extremely comfy to carry, (I'm getting away from hand-held bags), can hold a lot, still look good and you don't see them too often where I live.