Galliera PM in Damier Azur or Westminster GM?

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Which of the two would you purchase if the price was the same and condition pristine?

  1. Galliera PM in Damier Azur

  2. Westminster GM (Damier Ebene)

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  1. Hi TPF'ers!!

    Help me decide which of these two beauties should I add to my collection?

    Galliera PM in Damier Azur

    Pros: It is gorgeous and discontinued -- comfy shoulder bag/hobo -- I only have a Totally PM in DA and a Zippy Compact Wallet in DA in my collection.

    DA may possibly get color transfer being that it will hang quite low on me (I'm 5'4) -- May not stay in the pristine condition if I were to find a pristine one from the preloved market -- possible black marks on the vachetta leather around the brass rings -- I already own the Galliera PM in Monogram.

    Westminster GM

    Pros: It is in Damier Ebene hence carefree and no worries of color transfer/patina process -- Beautiful and elegant --

    Cons: Less comfy with the 2 stiff shoulder straps -- Stiff with a wider base when on your shoulders? -- I already have the Verona MM that is a bit similar --

    Which should I go with?

    Thank you all!
  2. Westie!!
  3. Galliera
  4. Galliera! I just honestly think this bag is one of the prettiest canvas bags ever made. I have it in Mono and Azur and absolutely love them both. Have you taken your Galliera in to have the rings replaced? The new ones will still leave some black marks but it's not as bad. The plastic keeps the metal from rubbing as much. Good luck deciding!

  5. Do they charge us to replace the rings? I think it is so pretty too! Do you have issues with color transfer? I am 5'4 so I worry it may hang low on me unlike my totally pm in DA is perfect length!
  6. I love westminster!
  7. Westminster
  8. Agree with toomanywantmore!! Galliera, especially in DA is one of the most beautiful canvas bags out there! And if you find a good one you better snatch it up :smile:
  9. Galliera
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    They don't charge anything at all and they may even have the rings in your store (mine did). It takes like 10 mins for them to switch them out. They did have issues with my Azur bag though. I guess the screws were too tight on one side and they ended up putting a small (tiny!!) tear in my strap trying to get it off. Omg, I was so sad because I've been very careful with these bags since they are now discontinued. They were awesome about it though and ordered a new strap for my bag and didn't even charge me. I have mine on the longest setting and haven't had any issues at all but you could shorten it so it will sit a little higher. Play with the settings on your Mono and see where it falls if you shorten it. Hope that helps!
  11. Westie!!!
  12. I agree too! Simply stunning!
  13. Galliera! You listed no cons there :smile:
  14. 1+
  15. Galleria!!!!!
    {Reaching through my tablet and shaking it in front of you}