Galliera PM fits stuff like a speedy 30 or 35??

  1. Excellent! thanks!!
  2. I just got a PTG for my PM and it definitly helps also i have a pochette i put on the D-Ring aswell
    Plus the 3pockets it has its roomy and i have 4kids n i keep pampers n wipes with me also a sippy cup, sunglasses, cosmetic pouch, coin purse and wallet :smile:
  3. I own both the galliera pm and speedy 30 and i feel like the galliera is a wee bit smaller in what it can hold.
  4. I'd say the Gal PM can hold almost as much as a Speedy 30. With the Speedy, it's boxy so you can stack a lot of things on top of each other. The Gal is a hobo and since it tapers at the top so you can close it you can't really fill it all the way up--unless you don't want to snap it shut. Sometimes I leave it unsnapped. I can fit everything in the Gal PM that I carry in my 30's. I don't typically carry water bottles or sweaters inside my handbags though.

    I wish LV made a Gal MM--I find the PM to be just a bit too small and the GM is just way too big on me and I'm 5'6"!
  5. I agree!! I vote MM lol :roflmfao:
  6. Gal PM holds less than the speedy 30...
  7. I have Speedy B 35 DE and Galliera mono PM. Since I use a purse organizer, my jumbo-sized one fits in both. So, I'm guessing without the organizer, the same amount of my stuff would fit.

    FYI, I'm 5'1" and the Galliera GM was HUGE. Even though I'm totally a "big, shoulder bag" kind of girl, I like to actually wear the bag and not have the bag wear me. Just my opinion (well, and the LV SAs were totally against me getting the GM, too. *ha*)
  8. Get the Galliera PM.

    Really goes by height, as nice as bigger bags look, you don't want it to engulf half your body when you're holding it. Proportion is everything imo.
  9. Good to know! Thank you!
  10. It def looks like its wearing me with the GM. So its gotta be the PM, just makin sure it's not going to be too small. Thanks You!
  11. I have the Galliera PM in Azur and the Speedy B 30. I think they are both very comparable regarding carrying my same stuff. The Galliera GM would be too big for me.