Galliera owners - how many have sprayed?

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  1. Just wondering if all galliera owners here have sprayed their vachetta. I know there are numerous threads on spraying vachetta, but I am curious pertaining to the galliera. I know the vachetta is prone to get black marks from the brass and was wondering if this is happening on the vachetta bags that have been sprayed with stain protector. If you have sprayed yours did you do it on day 1, or did you wait a little while? Sorry to be long winded, but is Kiwi protect-all a good product to use on vachetta. I live in Canada and it's hard to get apple guard or shinning monkey. TIA
  2. I'm curious about the same thing. I've seen threads on tpf on spraying vachetta with apple guard but when I asked the SA about this after I got my galliera, she said they don't recommend spraying vachetta with any protectant and that they recommend just allowing the color to change naturally.

    Now I don't know if I should take what I belive would be the sound advice of the SA and not spray my new galliera with anything or if I should actually use leather protectant. ??? (Has anyone been horrified with the results after spraying any of their LV bags?) I have another mono bag and a damier and I have never sprayed the handles of the mono bag and it's simply just a nice dark brown now.
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    In my experience, the Apple Rain and Stain repellent does change the color of the vachetta a little bit. I sprayed my Speedy (glad for it because of the heavy use of the handles) but I haven't yet sprayed my Palermo PM. I did buy my Pochette and Speedy at the same time. The Speedy I sprayed and the Pochette I didn't. I should go examine the differences now that it's been a year since purchase.

    And to stay on topic, I wasn't planning on spraying my Galliera but now reading the posts about the metal grommets causing discolor, I just may do so. I'm interested to read what others post on the subject.
  4. Thanks. My speedy's handles are a dark brown now. I don't know if spraying them would have made a huge difference. Since I've never sprayed anything before, I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to do so on the handle of my galliera pm. I'm most likely just going to follow the advice of the SA and NOT spray anything, but I am curious if people notice a difference when they spray their bags with protectant and when they don't. Do you see a major difference in the color between the bags you have sprayed and your Palermo so far? Thanks!
  5. I own the Galliera GM.
    The handle has developed a nice light tan, and I have not experienced any of the black markings near any of the hardware. I'm wondering why this is so as I live in a tropical, humid climate! I never sprayed the vachetta, but I did do a light spray of scotchguard to the interior to eliminate dirt, and it still looks new.
  6. I haven't sprayed mine but I think I probably should...I use it a lot.
  7. I haven't sprayed mine either. I was/am nervous about the black markings near the hardware that I read about from others but so far, I haven't had any problems. *knock on wood*
  8. Well the sprayed bags I have were about 2 shades darker immediately after the spray dried and still look 2 shades darker than a non sprayed bag even now. To me, the spray takes away that "brand new" look immediately.
  9. I do not won a Galliera, but I have sprayed all my bags with Apple Guarde and I am happy that I did. The other day I was caught in the rain with my new Neverfull, but not one water spot has been found! I really did not notice a big color difference, just a subtle one. I prefer a bit of patina anyway, but my bag has a long way to go for that.
  10. I didn't spray. But then I thought the handles were too beigey for my taste. It's now nice and slightly tanned :biggrin:

    But it's coz I can't seem to find this miracle product in Australia. Anyone know where you can get it?
  11. I conditioned and sprayed my Galliera GM today. I used Apple Leather Care Conditioner first. Then I used the Apple Garde Rain & Stain Spray.

    I had never sprayed vachetta before, but the vachetta turned dark for only a brief time, then quickly returned to the normal color. The areas where it is "leather stiched to leather" - the seams at the bag opening where they meet the leather around the rings, took a little longer to return to normal color then the other vachetta areas.

    But all in all I treated everything - the piping, the leather around the gold plate - and had absolutely fine results!
  12. e_d: I am glad you like your results. I am still too chicken to spray. I even contacted LV C.S. to ask their opinion....they did not reassure me to go ahead and protect it with rain guard. So, I am just leaving it alone for now and not using the purse when it rains.

    Oh, I asked LV why they don't recommend spraying with water repellent when so many people have had good results and that it makes sense to protect it from rain. They told me that the cowhide is completely natural and untreated, and if left untreated it will develop its own natural resilience to stains. Plus, all protectors contain chemicals which they do not recommend putting on the vachetta. So, still don't know which is best. :smile::shrugs:
  13. It is to each it's own! I have really never had a problem with vachetta before, but considering my love for this bag and how much it costs, I don't want to take a chance. It is true that LV always tells people to leave it untreated.

    I side with the people that think LV doesn't recommend it because they just want to avoid the customer service issues if something goes wrong. Leather should be protected to keep it soft and smooth, and prevent cracking.

  14. I wondered the same, I don't think it's possible to get it in Australia...I've used the nine west leather conditioner on the handles of my popincourt and it has such a strong chemical smell :confused1: - this was following a good scrub with magic eraser....the bag is not a favourite so I was willing to take the risk....I wiped again with baby wipes....but it still has the potent chemical smell....the handles are kind of peeling a tad, not to bad or anything but...I wouldn't do it again....would be interested to see the result with this apple guard - what is the difference between this one and regular leather conditioners?