Galliera on april 1st! finally!

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  1. Finally got a call from my SA that Im first in the waitlist for the galliera pm... the gm is way too big according to her...... Im pretty much excited since Im also first in the watercolor speedy 35!!!! whew... oh my Ive had three bags for this month,,, the montorgueil, hapmstead pm and eva... I have not seen the galliera in person so I would not be a 100% also if it will be a hit for me since my heart is set for the watercolor speedy... so what you think ladies??????:confused1:
  2. It is very pretty. You've made a good choice. I'm planning to get one too (but not now since the watercolour pap and speedy are priority). Did you read the other post that Diva Divina (Thread: Galliera Sighting) saw it IRL at the LV boutique and it is amazing.
  3. Thinking to add Galliera PM in my buy it a permanent piece?
  4. Wonderful, can`t wait to see her! In my country we are still waiting for the Monty- hopefully one of the bags is "the one".
  5. Yes, its permanent! :yes: Its also on my list after my ban, haha.
  6. ehhhe...."AFTER" :wlae: there no such thing as after in LV....i try thta and FAILED..:roflmfao:
  7. Galliera is very pretty. I can't wait to see it in person :yes:
  8. wow! how exciting! the galliera is a fab bag, I cnt wait to see it irl!
  9. I would LVoe to see pics of the interior of this bag !!!!
  10. i cant wait to see it IRL, i think i might want the GM.
  11. Congrats. Looking forward to seeing what you think about it when you see it.
  12. I saw the Galliera yesterday while I was picking up a couple of things. The bag is stunning and will be huge hit. Your SA is right..the large version is HUGE!! but it's beautiful. You will not be sorry getting this beauty.