Galliera magnet closure

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  1. My galliera PM arrived! However, the magnet closure is diaappointing. It must be lined up exactly right or it won't close. I don't know if this will drive me nuts or it is worth keeping because the bag is gorgeous. The more stuff you put in it, the more difficult it is to line up the magnets. Anyone else returning the bag because of this issue?:crybaby:
  2. sounds like this is an issue across the board with the Galliera... there was a thread a couple of days ago with the same thing: Hmmmm..Got Galliera PM today.... you might want to check it out for some feedback :smile:
  3. I just got mine yesterday so I haven't taken her out yet. I don't think it will bother me if the bag doesn't close. I don't carry a lot and the bag is deep, so I think my things will be safe.
  4. Thanks for telling me! I was considering this bag and this is very important information to know!
  5. I have seen it in person but why does it need to be buttoned close? the neverfull doesnt close on the top...

  6. I think the fact that the neverfull doesn't close at the top is a reason why a lot of people don't like it. There are several people on the forum that have sold theirs because of things falling out when the bag is on a car seat, etc., which may be why people would like the Galliera to close. The Galliera is also much more expensive than a neverfull, which may be another reason why they are concerned about the quality of the magnetic closure. I don't care for the neverfull at all, but do love the Galliera. However, for the price of the Galliera, I would want the option of security and closure.
  7. I'm pretty interested in getting this bag, but I think it'll be like all my non zipper topped bags where I'll have the bag under my arm anyways and I won't bother with the button.

    I hope this doesn't change your mind on the galliera, it's gorgeous !
  8. I am so sorry. I have now read this a few times. What a shame. It is such a beautiful bag.

  9. Doesn't change my mind - it's gorgeous!
  10. I have the Galliera PM and have experienced this issue with the magnetic others have said, the bag is quite deep and fits right under my shoulder so I am not at all concerned about the security of my stuff.
    This is up there with my Tivoli GM as my favorite mono bag!!
  11. I love this bag, and was considering it as a tote for when I travel, but why didn't they put a zipper closing on it! I don't understand LV's propensity for open top bags. We get rain, we get snow, and even in goody two shoes Canada, the occasional sticky fingered person!

    I'll have to look at another tote, maybe the Salaya!

    Good Luck with your bag!

  12. I never zip my bags anyways...easier to get in and out of quick
  13. Hmmm, that would definitely bother me ... so sorry you are disappointed with this bag, I am too ... since it's definitely gorgeous!