Galliera GM vs. Tivoli GM

Which one first?

  • Galliera GM

  • Tivoli GM

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Jul 25, 2008
After waiting over 5 weeks now I'm ready to get my Galliera GM on Saturday.But since a few days actually I'm not so sure about it anymore.I mean I'm absolutley in Love with the Galliera and as I said I'm on the waitlist for almost 5 weeks now.The SA called me and told me I could pick it up this Saturday.

Although I really need an "every day" bag and I was thinking to get a Tivoli GM first and just wait for my Galliera.

What do you think?I need some help with my decision:shame:


Aug 23, 2007
Baby land!!
I voted for the Galliera gm. I love both bags, but I think the straps of the galliera will be more comfortable than the rolled double handles of the Tivoli


Jan 13, 2007
I voted the Tivoli coz i think its a real pretty bag, wouldnt rule out getting one for meself. The Galliera does nothing for me at all.


Nov 18, 2007
New York City
I have the Tivoli GM and I love it although I do sometimes have issues with the one strap that keeps falling off my shoulders. However, it works perfectly well as my "everyday" bag. When the Galliera came out, I fell in love with that too but since I already got the Tivoli, I didn't jump on it. I do like the idea of the wide single strap and how the Galliera PM is basically as large (or larger maybe) than the Tivoli GM. I like that the Tivoli zips close but the Galliera can probably fit more. Either one you pick, I'm sure you'll be happy with.


Jun 29, 2008
Dallas, TX
Galliera GM!! :rochard:

I had the Tivoli GM but after a few weeks, I decided she wasn't the one for me. The folds on the sides of the purse would "pop" out or fold unevenly. That kind of bothered me so I sold her on ebay.

I do however, think the Tivoli PM is the cutest thing, if you like the smaller sizes. I'm a big purse kinda girl so I bought the Galliera GM. She comes in this week!


Jun 29, 2008
Alberta, Canada
Galliera GM. You'll love how soft the purse is against your side. It is so comfortable. The strap is really comfortable on your shoulder as well. I tried the tivoli on and it felt hard and bulky and the straps are uncomfortable (for me anyway). Both are great looking purses though. You'll just have to tried them on and see how you feel IRL. I have to say though, I love the look of a wide strap and the look of a wide strap patinaed is tdf:heart:


Nov 21, 2007
The Galliera is a perfect choice! You will the softness, easy fit on the shoulder strap, and the way that it fits against your body!


Oct 17, 2007
Atlanta, GA USA
Okay, I bought the Galleria GM last week! (along with the Kate Clutch - shhhh..don't tell my husband...oh, and the MC zippy...shhh) and I love it!!!
It is huge on me and I feel powerful when I wear it. I have to say that no strangers have said anything to me about it, but they stare and stare...women's eyes all stare...and have seen people whispering and pointing...could be good or bad...but they are talking about it even

Makes you feel like a rock star when you wear it. It requires a separate seat when going to a restaurant or in the car - I LOVE THAT!

It's comfortable and has great pockets. I also love how open it is - I can find things even though it's a big bag.

I like the feet at the bottom to keep it safe when it has to be put down somewhere.

It is bling, bling and double bling, BUT I am all about that!