Galliera GM or Portobello GM?

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  1. Galliera GM all the way! I love this bag so much that I have all three prints-mono, azur and ebene!
  2. how did u get ebene?! u special order it? im just worried about the vachetta of the galliera thats y but yeah its a really nice bag..
  3. It was special order but LV stopped offering that service. I have the Mono and Azur GM and Damier Ebene in PM. Vachetta is not that high maintenance. I would go for it!

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    so im getting the galliera GM excited!
  5. I am so sad that the Galliera GM is no longer in production. I so want to LOVE the Portobello but I am just not feeling it either.
  6. Can't wait to see your reveal.
  7. same here! i called 3 weeks ago to have it reserved for me..then my SA said they have it on stock..i will go take a look on wed and see if what gonna happen
  8. Galliera!
  9. Get galiera gm in azur
  10. Good luck!!!
  11. cant wait to see your reveal :smile:
  12. Get the Galliera GM, it has more of the wow factor and in new condition, you can always get Portebello later on. :smile:
  13. I love my Azur! When i got it in May (this year) i wanted to see it in GM and they didnt have it in stock and i opted for the PM and it is Amazing! I love it :smile:
  14. Ok so i went to see my SA today to try on portobello gm.. I didnt like it at all! :sad: the handle doesnt stay in place and it kept on sliding from my shoulder.. Its pretty tho dont get me wrong.. The brass is nice but it didnt wow me.. So i came home with t Galliera GM Azur.. The one and only stock left in canada..! Its huge! But i so love it! Im trying to post some pix but its not loading :sad:
  15. Congrats! Sounds like you got the purse you wanted! Can't wait to see the photos!
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