Galliera GM or Portobello GM?

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  1. Im torned between the two..ladies i need some advice, :smile:
  2. I don't think they are selling galliera GM anymore so you would likely have to get preloved. Vote still for galliera.
  3. Galliera GM since it's discontinued.
  4. i'm voting for galliera gm!!

    i was out yesterday and saw a lady with monogram galliera gm, its nice and big.. i have pm and so regret not getting a gm now. :sad: i thought galliera gm is real similar to delightful gm but its actually not.

    originally i had portabello gm on my wishlist and on reserve for it, but after seeing the recent pictures and reveals i'm not quite sure now... it smaller than i had hoped, much to my surprise i'm actually liking sully more than portabello (as most say portabello is de version of sully) i've just taken portabello off my wishlist ... dunno if i'm gonna go see it when louis calls me.
  5. Portobello!!!
  6. Galliera GM!
  7. Galliera GM. But LV confirmed that it's discontinued and not available anywhere now and that they are " sorry" for the disappointment. I want this bag in azur but will have to settle for pm or a preloved gm.
  8. My SA have a Galliera GM in Azur on hold for me..its the last one in entire canada..:graucho:
  9. Get it!
  10. u think so? i have to take a look at the portobello and we will see..bu after seeing some of the pix posted on POrtobello leaning towards the galliera..:smile:
  11. I'm not feeling the Portobello. There's a lot of buzz here but it looks kind of cheap to me. It looks like a big pile of damier canvas. The Gal has a lot more style. Also, there is nothing worse than not getting the bag you want and knowing you could have had it. I literally held the Cassis speedy a few years ago. I did not get it. They found me one and I did not get it. And I am still complaining about it.
  12. im kinda looking into a preloved mono too..the galliera mono in GM is sold confused if i like the mono or azur.:sad:
  13. +1 re look cheap
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    ill be getting the Galliera GM..:smile:
  15. Get it dear! Its a great purse, I have the galliera in mono and I love it so much I want an azur too. Lucky you!