Galliera GM or NF GM ?

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  1. I would like to buy a bag for international travel. I can not decided between those two bags. I want a big bag for travels and also can carry as a daily bag. I am 5'3, 130lb. What do you think? I did try the both in the store, my DH said the NF GM looks just like a store shopping tote for me, too plain. He also said the Galliera GM looks like a huge garbage bag on me, oh no. I can not make up my mind. I can not go for both bag in PM size, it is too small for me. So between those two, please give me your opinions, which one is better? Thanks.
  2. Galliera GM
  3. Galliera GM, I don't like how neverfull looks at all.
  4. I have the neverfull gm and the reason I kept it was for traveling!! it fits a ton of stuff and like it says... it is never full! it has been quite heavy at times with no damage as well.
  5. Galliera GM
  6. have you thought about the Palermo GM? i just recently got that for travel purposes.. :tup:
    but if it's strictly between these two, my vote goes to the Galliera GM as well.. :yes:
  7. Nf gm! ;)
  8. Galliera gm. I love it. Maybe look at the Palermo gm to. I use that one more than my galliera:smile: good luck let us know what you get and pics to.
  9. i agree about the palermo gm! it has a zipper so your stuff is more protected unlike in the galliera or the NF!
  10. They are both waaaay to huge for me but out of the two I'd go with the Galliera. I still think you should look at the Palermo GM as others of suggested.
  11. galliera!
  12. Galliera all the way - it might slouch a little but it certainly does not look like a garbage bag - omg no way!!! NF is too plain and boring and I have heard the straps kill your shoulder.
  13. Thanks everyone. I will go to the store tomorrow and try the Palermo GM, hope I pick up one. I will let you know my decision.;)
  14. Galliera
  15. Galliera GM!!