Galliera FINAL RESULT~~ I promise this time!!!!

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  1. Okay, remember when I asked for help deciding between the GM and PM?

    After looking at my pics, many people thought the PM was better for me, so I went ahead and exchanged my GM for the PM. I thought I was happy with my decision (i really was!) but then I started seeing this thread that many moms had the GM (I'm a mom to a 1-yr old):

    and more cute pics of models with them on... etc etc so today CRAZY me, went out, and ahem... I went and got the original GM that I had, the baby I started with! :wtf:

    Here are some modeling pics. The GM is not empty (too saggy) or with stuffing (the other GM modeling pics that I had posted had stuffing.) This time, here is my GM with MY things, items that I carry on a daily basis ..




    please excuse the non matching outfit...took the pics as soon as I got home! btw~I am 5'3 100 lbs.

    I'm glad I tried it on again without stuffing or just completely empty.
    Needless to say, I am happy with my FINAL decision! :yahoo:Hope you are too! :heart:
  2. looks great :tup:
  3. She looks nice on you ~ Thanks for sharing!
  4. The GM is really nice. Looks just as comfy to carry as the PM! Congrats.
  5. perfect! it's gorgeous! congrats!
  6. yay! it looks soo much better on you THIS time! hehehe. so hard to choose, huh? =P
  7. I agree that it looks better on you this time. You look very stylish. Congrats!!!!
  8. The GM is an amazing bag!!
  9. I love the GM.
  10. looks great on u, i think u'll be happy with it :smile: i have it in gm as well and also plan on using it as a mommy bag - better too big than too small, and u r right, it totally has a different look when filled than when empty. congrats on what's hopefully ur final purchase between the two!
  11. looks great on you!!! Congrats!!
  12. Congrats, the GM looks amazing on you.
  13. nice... you're so stylish! congrats!
  14. Congrats it looks great on you!
  15. it looks great on you! ilvoe the gm!

    now i want the azur----