Galliera Damier Ebene @ a LV store??

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  1. look at this photo!!! This looks like it is in the LV store?? Are my eyes deceiving me with this beauty?!

    The site i found it on said it can be custom ordered? Thats BS right?!
  2. Where is the photo from? Did you take it or find it somewhere?
  3. It was a custom order but LV no longer do them!
  4. Yes, it's the DE Galliera... It was a special order item a few years back... Maybe the pic is old??
  5. The Galliera in Damier Ebene was available through 'Made To Order' only a few years back. LV has stopped offering it but it does exist.
  6. I saw it on google cause I searched it just to see what it would even look like, has anyone had any luck seeing these being resold?? I would kill for one :sad:(( It's so beautiful
  7. Saw one on fashionphile about a week ago. Gone in a few days...think they were reselling it for about 2400. Yeah, LV stopped doing "made to order."
  8. Yep, wish this was a regular bag they sold! It's perfect!
  9. It really was perfect!!! WHYYYY:sad:
  10. This picture has been posted here, if it was not taken by a TPF member. If you do a search for DE Galliera, there are a couple of threads from a couple of years back.
  11. I actually have this bag and sold it because I find it too small for my liking. I love my Galliera GM Mono and Azur :smile:
  12. My friend got one from either Fashionphile or Yoogi's. I don't know how much she paid.
  13. They didn't make it in GM?
  14. Nope! Only PM. I would have kept it if it was the GM.

  15. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if LV offered the Galleria in DE again.