Galliera black marks- Azur vs. Mono?

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  1. Hi all!

    I've read a few posts that seem to indicate that perhaps the Galliera Azure PM bags do not get the black marks as much as the Mono bags do?

    I know the rings & vachetta should all be the same, so they should get them also.

    Thoughts? Experiences?
  2. There are lots of threads in the FAQ section.

    The azur and mono got the marks but they have now been replaced with new and improved rings with plastic inserts. My galliera which I bought in Jamuary has just been exchanged with a brand new one because of the marks. My MTO galliera in Damoer Ebene also has the new rings... I ordered it In April. Galliera's with a datecode after March/April 2010 should have the newest rings... So no more black marks!