galliano for french vogue

  1. galliano was a guest editor for french vogue so there are some behind the scenes pictures from the shoot on the dior website. (Christian Dior Couture)

    check out the picture of the dress with the racks of dior couture in the background. :drool::heart: i like that they styled the model to resemble galliano (and the t-shirt she's wearing). and yes, that's drew barrymore. :yes:
    vogue01.jpg vogue02.jpg vogue03.jpg vogue04.jpg vogue05.jpg
  2. Galliano is one of my fav designer ( and I will never forget Lagerfeld )
  3. Loved just looking at the dresses. Galliano really does out of this world couture. :wtf:
  4. I loove Galliano! :biggrin:

    hehe I saw this editorial..loved it.
  5. Galliano forever!!!! Thank you for posting the pics Zerodross!

    Check out . They have a small video clip of Drew Berrymore posing for the cover of Vogue!
  6. This man is a genius!
  7. heh, i need to figure out how to get my hands on a copy of this issue.
  8. too true! *digs up the bunch of photos of the older dior lines*
    (same dress in the photoshoot, on the runway this time)
    ctr 97(3).jpg ctr 98(3).jpg ctr 98(5).jpg haute couture ss 2000.jpg
  9. If Dior was headed by another designer I don't think I'd be as obsessed with the brand.

    Thanks for posting these dream dresses, Zerodross! :heart:
  10. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! :yes::yes: it was because of galliano that i even started paying attention to dior.
  11. here's his haute couture s/s 07 pieces. i've been waiting for pictures of the ctr 07 collection for ages! (and it's well worth the wait)

  12. Galliano is a god, a true artist!!!! He is pictured in my avatar as well!!!


  13. Thanks for posting Zerodross! This is my favourite although the others are great really art-fashion pieces. Love the japanese influence.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]
    O - M - G:girlsigh: :heart: :heart:

    I can't wait till the Dior site has the video of this show posted.

    (thank you so much for posting these pics, Zerodross)
  15. WOW!!! Thank you for sharing. =)