Gallery totes?

  1. I was just wondering....

    Does anyone know what happened to the gallery totes? Is this it for them? Are they coming back at all? I REALLY wish I would have purchased one before they were deleted...are they still available? I know there may be some still available through JAX, but I can't get another bag for awhile, maybe not until May or June......and I doubt they will still be available through JAX for that are they coming back???? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

  2. I think all of the existing gallery totes were shipped off to outlets. I was at an outlet yesterday and they had lots of different colors in leather, signature and a couple patent (I think). They had them in both the E/W and N/S sizes.

    Unfortunately, I can't answer your question as to whether or not they will be back. In the past, updated versions of the gallery totes come out in the fall.

    Hope that helps a little!
  3. Wow! Thanks! That's exactly what I needed to know! Mods, if you want to, you can close this thread down, that's all I needed!
  4. I purchased a chocolate brown signature one yesterday at Woodbury Commons for $135. They had the chocolate brown sig, camel sig ones and some leather ones which seemed a bit beaten up. They were going like hotcakes!! When I walked in people at the register had 3 or 4 at a time that they were purchasing! I am so glad I waited. I wanted this bag so bad!
  5. Oh really? they are going pretty fast? That's probably why that person is selling the bag at a low BIN price...thanks!
  6. This is off topic, but which outlet were you at yesterday? I was at Birchrun yesterday checking out all the goods.
  7. :nuts: Me too!! I was there around 8:15 p.m. When were you there? How close are you to BR? I am closest to the outlet in Howell. We spent a good portion of the day at Great Lakes Crossing mall in Auburn Hills and we decided to hit BR on the way home.
  8. BR is about an hour & 15 minutes fNorth from where I live. I was there around 11-11:30am. and was shopping for a good hour and a half! My Godson's girlfriend wants to go to the outlet in Howell this weekend. I didn't even know there was a Coach outlet in Howell until she told me. So, of course, I'll have to go with her!
  9. I usually have better luck in Howell than in any of the other outlets I go to. I think it's because the Kensington Valley outlet center in Howell is so small - most people have no idea there's a Coach outlet hiding in there. There really isn't much else there! It opened within the last year I think, so it hasn't been there very long. Have you ever been to the outlets in West Branch or Michigan City, IN? Michigan City is a good one, too, but that would be quite a drive for you. :yes:
  10. I'm looking forward to checking out Howell. I've been to West Branch, but that was years and years ago. Didn't know about the Michigan City one either! Boy, I need to get out more! Did you find anything at BR yesterday?
  11. ^I picked up a black leather Bleecker small hobo for around $65 and a black leather mini skinny. I am thinking about returning the bag because I think I loved the price more than anything. :rolleyes: Once I got it home I realized that it's not very functional for my needs.

    How about you? Did you get anything while you were there?
  12. Yeah I wish I had gotten a gallery tote too, hopefully they wil be back!
  13. The Macys at Somerset Collection in Troy, MI still have a few the other day at 50% off (which was cheaper than the outlet yesterday).
  14. Got a black mini c multi-function tote (it's posted in a thread "work tote - opinions please" a white w/green stripes pouch for my daughter, Cd case & eyeglass case in red sig, pink ombre C umbrella. Bought a few card holders and a small zip around wallet, not sure if I'm keeping those. Oh, and the pink c heart locket keyfob, which I love! Did you see the beige legacy satchel? I almost bought it, but was very afraid of color transfer, so I passed. It was around $350 - not bad for a $700 bag.
  15. I better go and see if there are any left... I live in Commerce Township :smile: Love Somerset!