gallery totes at outlets

  1. any idea if the outlets have any gallery totes at the moment? can anyone who has been to the outlets recently tell which sizes do they have and what r the prices if they do have?i have been wanting to get one and thought i might get a good price at the outlets.thanks in advance for the info.
  2. All I saw were patent ones and patchwork ones....
    i forget the price exactly but the patent ones (navy and mahogany colors) were around 209 with 20% off.
  3. thanks candace 117.
  4. the patent ones...we have them at $209 with 20% (167.20) for the small, $249 with 20% (199.20) for the large. the gold and brown patchwork, 199.20 for the small, 223.20 for the large (that's after the discounts!) I think that's all we have at my outlet right now...
  5. I actually saw some signature ones... at the Orlando Prime Outlet this weekend but I did not check the price.