Gallery tote VS North-South Tote?

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  1. I'm debating which one I should bid on ebay....Opinions? I want to use it as a book bag/carry on when I travel..AAFES has one gallery tote in black left for $272, I believe. Think there would be anymore discount since it's the last one?
  2. I would say North-South tote. I did own a Gallery and it fit my book but it was the long way and I wanted more depth. If that makes sense. Of course I am still looking for the perfect tote.
  3. I like the Gallery Tote better, I don't like really tall totes, in contrast to what ^^ said.
  4. I have a gallery tote and love it! If you can get to a outlet they have signature ones for about $145 and leather for $100 more.
  5. sadly there isn't an outlet near me It's either ebay, Coach store, or AAFES :sad:

    ty ladies :smile:
  6. I have a few gallery totes and love them. The books would have to be "laid down" so to speak, but it would work great. JMO, I don't really like the taller totes, I tend to go for bags that are E/W (wider than they are tall) instead of N/S (taller than they are wide).
  7. In contrast, I'm all about the book tote. I love mine; I can fit my laptop, a full-sized textbook, file folders and all my purse etc. etc. in there without it being a struggle. My girlfriend has a gallery tote, and even when it's crammed full she only has in it what I carry on a "light" day.

    Happy hunting!!
  8. I have both styles of totes and for the purposes you named, I would go with the gallery tote. The taller tote may not fit all your books if you have a full size book.
  9. AAFES never does extra discounts. You will get a better price on ebay.