Gallery tote removed from

  1. I am checking today and noticed they have removed Gallery totes from it. Does this mean it's been discontinued?
  2. They may not have any more or another style might be coming out so they are making room. I actually got a great deal on a chocolate one at the outlet about a month ago. Try your local outlet!
  3. they took them down from too
  4. I got mine on sale at Macy's for 164.00 about a week ago.
  5. Canada doesn't have Coach outlet or sale from department stores, which is sad.
  6. tey shoulda been gone a while ago! they were sent to the outlets
  7. How odd! You're right, I just checked the website. Weird. I hope they bring that category back with lots of new totes then. The gallery totes are one of my favorite lines.
  8. Here's a thought, maybe they are going to re-release them with GASP, full zippers!:p
  9. lol, I kinda like the not full zipper, I can easily stick stuff thru the little holes!!!
  10. I just saw the Gallery Tote in Chocolate and Gold on Monday at Macy's. It was on sale for 268 I think.
  11. Where is the best place to sell handbags that you no lomger use?
  12. I started a thread about almost losing my wallet this past weekend, I will never buy another COACH bag that does not have a full zipper, it's just too nerve wracking.
  13. I have sold both of mine on craigslist.