Gallery Sig. Tote style 11237?

  1. I was wondering if yall could help me. I REALLY like this bag in khaki/red(?) and want to know if any of you own it and have any modeling pics. I tried to use the search thingy, but it wouldn't let me. Also, do you know how much this bag runs? I didn't see it on the Coach website. Is it still available other than on eBay?

    Thank you!!!
    Gallery Sig. Tote 11237.jpg
  2. Those were reduced in price from $328 to $230 just before Christmas and I know they flew off the shelves in my boutique. I have read of some members seeing some at the outlets but I don't know if that includes the khaki/red. Maybe try calling JAX and seeing if they have any left in the khaki/red.