Gallery Mini Skinny's (Skinnies?)

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  1. Hello all! First time posting and just getting into the Coach/handbag obsession here. I've been eying the Gallery Mini Skinny in the black sig (image inserted below...hope i'm doing this correctly!) However, they're no longer in stores so I have a few questions:

    1. Are they still in outlets, or has anyone seen them in any of the outlets around LA/OC/SD (in southern California)?

    2. Is the print on the back (where the slip pocket is) supposed to "line up"? I've been looking at them on ebay and for a lot of them they don't line up. It makes me question the authenticity of them. (well, in general, are the C's supposed to line up on the back for the mini skinny's?)

    3. Any Coach-specific tips for avoiding fakes? I know the ebay tips (good ratings, actually read the feedback, make sure they respond to questions, etc) but am looking for coach-specific things to look for.

    4. Any trustworthy/reliable Coach ebay sellers? good experiences/bad experiences?

    5. Would anyone like to post up pics of their gallery MS so that I can admire them? (action shots!) :smile:

    I tried to do the best I can with the search function but couldn't really seem to find the gallery ms (mini skinny). Thanks!

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  2. I don't think that one is real? But then again, I'm a newbie at authenticating so I wouldn't trust myself with eBay. Maybe a pro can help us out?!
  3. I love the coach skinnys.. I have a signature black on black one that I use constantly, more than my purse. But I havent seen this one before. But that does not mean it doesnt exist. The skinnys fit right into your pocket very easy and the keychain on them can tuck right back inside. This one does look a bit bulky. Maybe someone else can shed some better light.
  4. I have that exact one, that one looks fine to me. I love it because I can keep the change on the outside pocket.
  5. I also have that one. Although i never carry it....too bulky i suppose ( for me )
  6. mrs. jones & sprinkles, does the print on the back of your MS line up?
  7. have you tried Macys? I've spotted them on sale but I haven't been shopping around LA in awhile
  8. Ooooh I'd love that in khaki with white leather to match my wristlet.

  9. i have that in the black nylon version....i bought mine retail...but at lohemanns over thanksgiving holiday they had some, so i got another one for my sister (xmas!) was about $35 or something. I love this little guy.
  10. I saw the nylon version of that at a TJMAXX two weeks ago for 25,I should of purchased it =(
  11. I did! Got the gold/purple one at TJMaxx for $25...gonna give it to my sis-in-law for christmas.

    of course I loved it for myself, and found one on ebay for $21! heheheh
  12. I never see minis or wristlets at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Do they usually have it where the wallets are?
  13. Because the TJMaxx's near me like to rearrange their stores like every 3 months, it actually varies.

    In the past 2 weeks, both Marshalls and TJM have gotten a shipment in of "designer" purses (as you all probably know)...some Coach, D&Bs, even a couple Dolce & Gobbana (sp? eep)

    Anywho...I found that nylon skinny near a selection of wallets that was displayed on a "tower" type thing...not on the usual "shelves" that hold wallets. (I also found nothing special in the shelf of wallets...)

    And I don't think i've ever found a wristlet at those stores...tiny demi bags yes, but no wristlets.

    As with Marshalls/ never know what you'll find if you hunt long enough!

    now i'm thinking I might want to run over to my local one at lunch!
  14. I might have to go tomorrow night & do some hunting of my own.
  15. I have that! I love it! I bought it in the COACH outlet in San Destin, FL. And yes, the C's in the back are supposed to be symmetrically aligned, so watch out for that!

    Heres my babe alongside my other khaki MS --