Gallery: Ferragamo Resort [pix]

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  2. :drool::drool::faint::faint:

    Love the bags and the pics, as usual, perfection!! Thanks Vlad!
  3. gorgeous pics!!!!!
  4. I am hyperventilating here. Thanks for the tip off kroquet. If white bags did not frighten me into paralysis, this baby would be mine! Oh, I so hope it comes in more colors.

    Great photography Vladdie.
  5. Merci! :welcome:
  6. Wow! I love this bag!!

    Great pix!

  7. That bag is so crisp, sharp and STUNNING!!!!!
  8. This bag is gorgeous!!
  9. what a beautiful ferrogamo bag!!! :heart:
    and beautiful photos as usual, Vlad! :smile:
  10. Love this bag, hoping it's offered in other colors! This bag is perfection.

    Beautiful pictures
  11. A modern take on a 50's style frame bag! The cabochons really put the cherry on top. I love it. Now, if the contrasting leather was navy, I'd be drooling. This bag is so me.
  12. Gorgeous bag! Great pics. Thanks for sharing
  13. A couple of photos from Ferragamo of the bag in other colors:



    I die for the ostrich! :heart:

    If you're interested, contact SETH at 415-391-6565
    21C385_008_00.jpg 21C385_009_00.jpg
  14. These bags remind me of the bag my mom used to carry, except for the big pocket outside. Classic design as usual.
  15. [​IMG]

    I am in love!:tender: Thanks Vlad!

    I want to go on a vacation somewhere warm STAT!