Galleria vs. Keepall

Galliera or Keepall?

  • Azur Galliera pm

  • Azur Keepall 45

  • Azur Keepall 50

  • Other (specify in post)

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Dec 14, 2009
Ok, so I plan on purchasing my next LV bag but I am not sure if I want an Azur Galleria pm or Azur keepall.

I just recently bought the Trevi so I will still be carrying that around town. However, I thought I would like another bag to alternate with when I want a little change - hence the galleria.

On the other hand, I go back and forth a lot from my house and my bf's and would like the keepall (size wise I want the 50 (just wish it came with the strap) but most likely the 45 - since it comes with a strap) (azur bc the Trevi is already ebene and would like variety -but I'm afraid of it getting dirty or what not). Plus, I could use it as a carryon when I travel.

I'm not much of a mono person...

I wish I could get both!!

Which item would suit me best? Opinions and support are much appreciated!!

Nordy's girl

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Sep 23, 2008
I would go for the Keepall, just not the Azur, hence i voted for other! I know you have the Trevi in damier ebene, but if they have the 45 or 50 in the damier ebene keepall, that is the one I would get. If you were only going to use it going back and forth to your boyfriend's house I wouldn't worry so much about it getting dirty, but if you do plan on using it as a carryon, I would worry about dirt! I don't think you can go wrong with either pattern of carryall though! I'd wait and get your galliera next, sounds like you need the keepall a little bit more now. Good luck with your decision!


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May 26, 2008
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I will prefer to invest in a bag that I can use on a daily basis instead of one that I can only use for very specific purposes, so my vote goes to the Galliera!