Galleria vs. Keepall

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Galliera or Keepall?

  1. Azur Galliera pm

  2. Azur Keepall 45

  3. Azur Keepall 50

  4. Other (specify in post)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok, so I plan on purchasing my next LV bag but I am not sure if I want an Azur Galleria pm or Azur keepall.

    I just recently bought the Trevi so I will still be carrying that around town. However, I thought I would like another bag to alternate with when I want a little change - hence the galleria.

    On the other hand, I go back and forth a lot from my house and my bf's and would like the keepall (size wise I want the 50 (just wish it came with the strap) but most likely the 45 - since it comes with a strap) (azur bc the Trevi is already ebene and would like variety -but I'm afraid of it getting dirty or what not). Plus, I could use it as a carryon when I travel.

    I'm not much of a mono person...

    I wish I could get both!!

    Which item would suit me best? Opinions and support are much appreciated!!
  2. OOOHHH. Well first off I want a Trevi gm so you got me there. I do understand you situation but I would go for the azure keepall. I can't wait to get one myself.
  3. I would get the Keepall.
  4. Get the 50 keepall for sure!! And make sure you get a shoulder strap one--the bag is stronger and SO much easier to carry!!
  5. galliera!!!!!!
  6. Azur Galliera pm
  7. galliera
  8. Azur Galliera PM for sure!!! That bag is amazing, so classy!
  9. Galliera
  10. I would go for the Keepall, just not the Azur, hence i voted for other! I know you have the Trevi in damier ebene, but if they have the 45 or 50 in the damier ebene keepall, that is the one I would get. If you were only going to use it going back and forth to your boyfriend's house I wouldn't worry so much about it getting dirty, but if you do plan on using it as a carryon, I would worry about dirt! I don't think you can go wrong with either pattern of carryall though! I'd wait and get your galliera next, sounds like you need the keepall a little bit more now. Good luck with your decision!
  11. Sounds like the keepall would be a good choice for what you want...travelling to and from.
  12. I'd get the galliera, personally. :yes:
  13. Keepall vote for me. 45 w/strap
  14. wow! thanks for everyone's input. i :heart: tpf and how everyone's so kind to help each other out. thanks!
  15. I will prefer to invest in a bag that I can use on a daily basis instead of one that I can only use for very specific purposes, so my vote goes to the Galliera!