Galleria Sighting

Jun 5, 2006
Queens, NY
I just got back from LV in Macy's Herald Square and the Galleria has arrived. The store just received them today and they're not even on display yet. The bag is gorgeous and I predict it will be a huge hit. I actually asked about when I was paying for a couple of goodies (will post pics later). When the SA brought the small one out I had about six people ask me to look at the bag, touch the bag, how much is the bag??? It was crazy! This one woman said, "I just saw that bag in Vogue". The small bag actually isn't small at all, IMO because the large is bigger than life.,really. I'm a tall girl, 5'9.5" and it looked huge on me, but large hobos have that cool look to it. I'm definitely sold and will go back to get it..I was tempted to buy it right then and the question is do I get the small or large??


Jul 5, 2007
Oooh you're so lucky! I'm dying to see what it looks like IRL! How big is the large? Do you like smaller or bigger sized bags? How is the strap length? You should definitely get one and post modeling pics for us to see! :tup:
Jun 5, 2006
Queens, NY
I love big bags...that's my preference. I would say it's bigger than the RP Hearbreak...wider...believe me's huge!! but it's so nice. I was very impressed with the do not do it justice at all. I was really impressed with the supple feel of the bag and the interior is fantastic.


Birkin or Bust!
May 10, 2006
Soul California
I tried on the GM, and trust me, it is huge! Its bigger than the Palermo GM! It seriously made my bag look tiny! I think its good for someone whos like 5`11+ I am 5`9 and it still was too big for me.

boho chic

Mar 24, 2008

Im very excited with the Galleira too!
Here where i'm frm, the SA told me that the bag will arrived on Monday only & they only can sell it on April 1st which is on Tuesday. goin down on Monday & goin toreserve the PM ...coz accordin to the SA..the GM is Definitely BIG!
Bt im juz worried tat alot of ppl will be on the waiting list & reserving it b4 Monday comes. Hope...tat by Monday, there's still stock 4 me to reserve it.