Galleria rings replacement

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  1. Uuggh! So I brought my Galliera back to LV to have the rings replaced because I heard that they fixed the problem by coating the rings with a non-tarnishing substance. My galliera was gone for almost 8 weeks and I got it back about 2 1/2 weeks ago. It's now getting the black marks again!!! Why did it bother bringing it in! It was not convenient to go to the store for me and I was without it for almost 8 weeks and the problem is still there.

    I am wondering if anyone that purchased theirs within the last few months if theirs are turning black too. Is LV just lying to us saying the problem with the black marks are fixed, because mine is still dirty with new non-tarnishing rings.
  2. oh no, that is terrible. I have only used my gallierera a few times and it still looks perfect.
    Maybe ask your SA if there is anything else they can do for you
  3. So funny to see a post on this, as mine is doing the same thing. I was honestly shocked when this started happening, considering the price of the bag. I haven't taken this back to the store yet, but at least I'm not the only one having this issue - I thought it was just me! :weird:
  4. Oh my.. I'm so sad to hear this because the Galliera is the next bag on my wishlist and I was going to get it for my 25th bday next month... please let us know any updates on this.
  5. Jenaywins: Would you mind telling me when you purchased your galliera? Thx
  6. Since the rings are brass, do you think that the rings are just tarnishing due to the humidity? Because I've noticed some people have issues and some don't. I was going to try to send mine back for replacement after reading that you sent yours but I decided it was too much of a hassle to drive to the boutique and they didn't have any idea the problem was "corrected" anyways.
  7. Camommy: I don't think it is humidity as I live in a very dry climate. I do use mine almost daily. So, maybe the ones that are not getting marks are only being used seldomly. I was very annoyed to have taken the trouble of driving to the boutique and having my galliera be at "repairs" for 8 weeks, only to have the marks reappear again within 2 weeks of getting it back.

    I was thinking if the new gallieras are black-mark free due to new hardware, then I would request LV replace my purse. But, need to know if there is truth in the "new and improved" brass rings first as I am fond of my honey color leather trim.

    It's funny the black marks brothered me less before repairs... I think with it repaired now I just expect perfection:P

    I wonder if LV will replace with new bag though. I know they did it with the white multicolor speedies that had red lining that bled through, so this issue is along the same line.
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    I'm curious to know if anyone else is having the same problem even when having the rings replaced. I bought my bag when it first came out and the black marks are driving me insane. :nuts: It's gotten to the point where I hardly use the bag anymore.....

    I wouldn't mind bringing the bag to LV and having them replace the rings (I guess it's worth a try even though you black marks came back).

    I've tried using the white eraser method but I find it damages the leather. I've included two pictures here. Sorry for the poor quality as I can't find my camera and had to take these with my phone). As you can see, the area where I used the white eraser is different from the other areas. I'm a little hesitant to use the eraser again as it most likely further damage the purse.

    Black Marks LV.jpg

    Black Marks LV (ii).jpg
  9. I am not sure how true this is (since most SA's don't really have a clue)....

    I was talking to an SA today and she said that once they realized that there was a problem they recalled all the old stock and there are no "older" galliera's available to buy. Every Galliera has the new rings
  10. That actually makes sense as it is easy to change the rings, so why would they continue to sell the old ones and make customers unhappy.

    I am starting to think they will all eventually get black marks and it's only a matter of how often you use it, and your climate that dictates how long it takes before it gets black.
  11. So sorry! That's exactly what happened to me. I purchased the mono Galliera PM in May 2009. It took two months Oct to Dec 2009 to replace the rings. In early Jan. 2010, the black tarnish came back exactly as pictured above. I was told the rings were the new coated ones but the store manager said that the tarnishing still happens and I should expect that to happen with any mono bag with brass rings! I get very frustrated when I think about this. I rotate my LV's so they don't get worn all the time. The Galliera was worn less than 10 times. Hawaii is humid, so maybe that speeds up the process? I don't know. My LV store will not return or exchange so it's sitting in the closet. I sure hope the tarnishing doesn't get worse. Maybe it'll stop :wondering:wondering
  12. Im going through one of those too!
    My galliera is from 2009, bought it in November of 09 and have carried it about 10-12 times only, and the marks are really unsightly. never had this happend before, and ive had over 20 monogram pieces!

    I just emailed my SA (he's super - the store is in another town and I prefer email to phone since i then have a record of things) and asked what can be done... I'll keep you posted!

    (i asked if it is fix-able, or if they can replace it, letting them choose a solution. I email orders from there all the time, so they know i'm a repeat and usually hassle-free customer)

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  13. Judging from the pics the rings are not large enough and the brass is burnishing the leather whenever they are rubbed together. Maybe you can try to keep the straps tucked a certain way when you take it off?

    The idea of vachetta is so that the rest of the naked leather develops patina over time (oils from your hand, natural oils from leather itself vs. a metal burnishing it) and the darker areas won't look as obvious and overall uniform. I think I'm the only one who likes to see tonal variations on the vachetta vs the flat uniform patina...
  14. I have exactly the same problem.. and I rarely use my Galliera... because mine gets fairly bad black marks everytime!
  15. I was wondering if anyone here has had the rings replaced on the LV Galleraia bag? I called LV today to complain about the black marks caused by the rings and the woman told me to bring in bag and they will look at it, depending on the condition they will sometimes replace the rings.
    The ride is over an hour long and I hate to drive all the way there if nothing can be done. Just wondering if anyone here has brought their bag back and what was done about it, if anything