galleria pm vs palermo pm

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  1. I am new to this forum, getting a bag for my birthday and would love opinions on which one.
  2. i like the galleria......
  3. Both are beautiful bags. I just got my mono Galliera pm yesterday and tried her out today. The size is perfect for me. I'm 5'7. It holds a lot but if you fill it too high the magnet clasp wont hold. Thats the only thing I don't like. It was very comfortable on my shoulder. I walked around for about 2 hours. It didn't get in the way at all. I love this bag! The Palermo is beautiful too, but i don't have any experience with that bag. Have fun picking one out! Getting a new LV is so exciting!
  4. I like the Galleria PM much more than the Palermo, especially style wise. IMO it's one of the best LV designs and is definitely a head turner. The Galleria is a gorgeous bag and the PM is a great size. I like one strap shoulder bags because it's more comfortable and doesn't slide off my shoulder as much as double straps would.
  5. While I don't own one, I like the Palermo. It is an attractive bag that is also versatile.

    Have fun deciding!:balloon::balloon:
  6. my OP..
  7. Galliera PM!
  8. i dont have either but if i was going to get one it would be the palermo, it's a cute bag
  9. I vote for Galliera PM. Both are great bags though. Good luck!
  10. palermo +1
  11. If I had to choose between the two, I'd pick Palermo. I know it seems the whole forum is gaga over the Gallieria but for some reason it's never called out to me. I've never been a hobo style bag gal and the shape of it echos that. Between that and the large gold plate, it's just not for me. But I can see how it'd be a lovely bag to some.

    I saw a lady carrying the Palermo yesterday and it looked really nice. I think I'd go in that direction.
  12. galliera!!!!
  13. Galliera!
  14. galliera!!!:cloud9:
  15. Palermo :smile: