Galleria PM or GM for me size wise

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  1. Iam 5ft and thin and yes Iam still on the fence which size would be better for me, I carry med/large bags but dont want to look like a small girl carrying a huge bag
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    I am 5'8 and the PM is perfect for me! It can carry everything you need and still have room. I carry: sarah wallet, mono make up case, sunglasses, iphone everyday and it still has tons of room.
  3. pm
  4. I'm 5'3 and Very slim UK size 6-8! I have the PM and it is perfect! I think I could still pull off the GM if I really wanted to because the monogram canvas on the Galliera is very soft and mushy and slouches in a beautiful way when you put your things inside it!
  5. PM. There are other excellent threads out there if you do a search that compare the sizes.
  6. definitely PM
  7. I am 5' and carry the PM - it's a great size for me.
  8. I think the GM would look just like you said, a little girl carrying a BIG bag!!! I would think that unless your one to carry LARGE bags (like me) you should go with the PM.
  9. Pm
  10. Pm
  11. Pm
  12. PM, I think the GM looks crazy, no matter what height you may be.
  13. I just ordered the Mono Galleria PM I like the lighter color but Iam a stain magnet my next purchase may have to be the Palermo PM this was a hard choice
  14. I agree with everyone else. You made the right choice choosing the PM. Congrats!
  15. pm. i'm 5 10 and in my opinion it is the right size even for a girl my height.