Galleria PM or Artsy MM?

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  1. Granted it will be a couple of months before I get one or the will be my second LV...but which one???? I cant decide! :biggrin:
  2. arg...missed the i in that. :smile:
  3. I like them both. Have you tried them on yet?
  4. Nope, I think I will wait till I go to LV and actually buy one. I'm sure I'll know then. :graucho:
  5. Artsy gets my vote
  6. Galliera PM hands down! Not a fan of Artsy at all.
  7. Artsy
  8. Galliera..:smile:
  9. Today I saw the artsy ir - I love it - so I vote for artsy!
  10. Artsy!
  11. Both are nice.... but I prefer the Galliera!
  12. Artsy.
  13. Galliera
  14. Artsy.
  15. Artsy!!!!!!!!!!!:smile::smile::smile: