Galleria PM ... do you still like yours?

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  1. I am thinking about purchasing this bag. I need/want a shoulder bag since all my other bags are hand-held, mostly speedies.

    Do you still like your Galleria? If given the choice would you purchase it again? What are it's pros and cons?
  2. I still like mine, but I would sell it in a heartbeat if the Damier Galliera releases. I hate that the vachetta at the rings gets these dark markings...although you can remove most of it with magic eraser but they always come back. Very annoying. Mine has been stored away for a few months now.
  3. Thanks for this post. I am planning on getting one this week too. Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. that's a good point LotusOrchid.
    since it's was released in the azur are there plans to release it in the ebene?
  5. I still love mine, just used it yesterday. The strap is very comfortable for me and it's such a versatile style. I haven't had the problem with the dark markings on the vachetta. I keep looking for the markings to appear, but so far, so good. I've had the bag about a year.
  6. I love the style! I am waiting for my MTO Damier Ebene Galliera PM to arrive. I'm sure they will release this as a permanent bag fairly soon, but I couldn't wait any longer! I am very tempted to get the monogram version as well.
  7. i love my azur... it did show some dark spots along the rings.. but it really does not bother me at all... i love the bag! its comfy! I love the look! I love the size! i love everything about it. Went ahead and ordered it in mono and almost decide against it for artsy... but I think Im going to keep it. will keep you posted.
  8. I too have the damier azure pm size. I love it yet think of it more as a spring summer bag, esp since the vachetta is still so light. It is super comfortable, great shape looks chic, Ihighly reccommend:happydance:
  9. Do you rotate your galliera out a lot because I have mine for about a year too but I wore her straight for 9 months when I first got her and about 6 months in I started noticing the markings.
  10. I'm praying it gets released soon, I'm craving for one so bag! I'm thinking once they make enough with all the Special Orders, then they'll release it. Everyone is still special ordering them.
  11. I tried the galliera on at our LV store in Scottsdale last month and have thought about it ever since. Couldn't decide if I wanted to buy new or preloved. New won out! Mine will be delivered Tuesday. I can't wait! I love ordering from Sales tax on .com is a big savings too compared to the sales tax in Scottsdale. I am really excited to get this bag! I love my mono 35 but usually save her for when I travel. If I love the galliera then I will get her when she comes out in Damier.
  12. lol i wanna know the answer to this!!
  13. I still love mine! I often wear it casually, when I need a bag that is very comfortable. I think this is the most comfty shoulder bag I have ever had. The black rings are a little annoying, but I think the newer ones are not supposed to have this problem (I bought mine when they first came out).
  14. love my galliera, bought it in may or june 2008 and still love her like on the first day, though she is now kind of beaten up . . . but that's because I love her so much;)
  15. I have the Azur and while I do love it, I wish I would have purchased the Damier Ebene instead. The reason is because of the vach, not the Azur canvas (I love that). I am over babying the vach and I want my bag to stay looking clean so I am very careful with it. I have not had any problems with the rings making any black marks, it is really just the vach trim at the top of the bag that makes me crazy. I love the look, style, etc. everything and it is very comfy but I don't like the vach.