Galleria Out of Style?

  1. Hi All
    As some of you know I've been debating letting my Galleria PM DA go. After not wearing it for two years, I took it out a couple of times this summer. It's such a comfortable bag! But it felt like the style was a little dated. What do you all think of this style? Is it out of style?
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  2. Honestly I do feel it is dated. Still a beautiful bag though.
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  3. That's what I was feeling! Super comfortable but.....I feel so bad though cause it is beautiful.
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  4. I love it! I don't think it's dated at all. But I'm not really into what's on trend. If it's comfortable, still looks good, I say wear it for years to come.
  5. The Galliera is a beautiful bag. It will never look dated. It was my dream bag, and I let it go away.
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  6. I think it's still a beautiful bag. If you like it I wouldn't let it go.
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  7. The only thing possibly dated looking is the plate. The bag design itself is wonderful, and uber comfortable. The canvas quality was good then, too. I would keep it and use the heck out of it!
  8. The Galliera is the best LV hobo for me. It's comfortable and easy to use. I don't think it's dated at all. At OP, if you feel like it is, due to the LV plate, you can carry it with the plate towards your body.

    If you have another hobo that serves your needs or you don't really like this style, it might be safe to let it go. (I wouldn't, though!) :cool:
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  9. Thank you all! It is such a comfortable bag and I do love it in the Azur. I just felt like it's not in style anymore. But I'm glad to hear that there are fans of this bag out there!
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  10. I don't have this bag but I would never consider it dated. Newer bags don't have plates but I've always thought it is more because of scratch issues than fashion trends.
  11. If you are questioning yourself about the style, it will be like clothes in your closet that you feel the same way about---it will stay there and you will not use it. If in doubt, clear it out! Get one that you love!
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  12. It is very well made beautiful bag, and it holds the weight at the rings not on the canvas so the canvas won't be torn like some other bags I have seen. I love this bag :smile:

    Of course, it depends on what we are looking for, if we are looking for something in trend, then I guess we will have to sell all of our older bags and constantly buy new again.

    It really depends on how do you feel though, if you decide to sell it that will be a good decision too.
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  13. It's on my wishlist....still! I think it's a great looking bag.
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  14. I love the Galliera, it's my one and only hobo bag and I haven't seen any other bag that I would replace it with, having said that, if you don't like it anymore sell it and get something else that you like better, gld!
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  15. I love the Galliera in DA and just haven't bought it preloved yet because I'm afraid it will fall off the shoulder like the Delightful in DA (I had this bag and sold it for this reason). I don't think it looks dated. It's very pretty!
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