Galleria Mall ~ Dallas, TX Area. LV Store.

  1. Anyone in the Dallas, Texas area know the LV store in the Galleria mall?

    More specifically.. their customer service and the such. ^^;

    I want to take my 3month old speedy in to see what they could do about the glaze peeling on my new speedy :sad:
    (I bought the speedy at Neiman's so I don't think I would be on their store recordings for a bought bag from them.. hope this doesn't matter!)
    I really don't feel like shipping it out to get reglazed or whatever and waiting weeks for it to come back! I really don't want to go a day without it.. :sad:

  2. I shop at the Dallas Galleria store all the time. Everyone knows me in there and everyone is super sweet! They are normally not extremely busy so they take time with you. I work with Diane and Cynthia there, but anyone would be happy to help!
  3. Thank you Bindi! I hope they don't mind helping me with my problem. T_T