Galleria Dallas LV party

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  1. Is anybody going? I got my invite and rsvp'd today. I got an invite to the Las Vegas party, but can't fly out for it. I was so excited to get one from my local store, too. If any tpf'ers are going, maybe we could meet and do a little shopping! Or at least a little drinking and wishing! :P
  2. I wish! Have fun!
  3. Yay, Melissa! :yahoo: :flowers:

    Have a great time! I hope it's not snowing in Dallas???:confused1:

    I just moved, so I am shopping vacariously through all PFers living in TX...:P
  4. Have a great time!
  5. I know I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but maybe some of you in the Dallas area haven't seen this yet. It would be so fun to meet somebody from around here that shares my obsession. Come on, girls and guys, surely somebody else on this forum is going to Dallas Galleria Tuesday night?
  6. Well, no snow today, but on Thursday we had some sleet, rain and a little snow flurries. Weather looks good for the lv party Tues. Woo-hoo!!:wlae:
  7. where are you staying? I know that it snowed in Lubbock. I'm in Houston. We got freezing rain =[
  8. weeee! Have fun!
  9. Have fun!!!
  10. My old stomping ground use to be Frisco. Just relocated because of my DH's job.:sad:

  11. I go to Frisco all the time! You would not believe how much construction they're doing on hwy 121. It's such a pain to drive through Frisco anymore. I used to drive through Frisco to get on the tollway and drive to Neiman Marcus lv in Plano. Now it's just easier and quicker to go to the Galleria. :yes:
  12. Yeah... 121 gave me a headache including 35 too much construction so much debris my flowers just wilted. Crowds during last Christmas made me laugh it was really difficult to get in and out of Chili's even. I just love ppl that block parked cars by t-barring them in. Kind of like cattle fenced in..:nuts: I miss going to my favorite sushi bar in Addison.:sad:
  13. Unfortunetly I was not invited but I was not expecting to since I have only purchased one bag. How many bags do you have to purchase to be invited?
  14. I got my invite to the party at the Galleria, but I too have relocated. My dear fiance just had to go to graduate school in here I am in Fayetteville. I really, really miss all the shopping in my hometown of Dallas! Needless to say, the shopping opportunities here in Fayetteville, Arkansas are say the least. Can't wait to hit Northpark when I go home for a visit at Christmas!
  15. luckly i was invited....... but last time i was at LV (i'm in Fla!), the invitation was in the holiday catalogue on the counter and they were FREE to take to whoever....

    so... i'm assuming anybody can come, just call the store and say you got the invitation!