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  1. On LVR, in the 2007 section, they have "galet" listed as one of the available colors for the classic Paddy. Does anyone have this? Or have you seen pictures? (if you have a pic, could you post it?) I am curious what color it is... Thanks.
  2. :heart: me, too! I'm curious about that color!
  3. doesn't it sound delicious??? haha, I want it and I don't even know what it is!
  4. To me, it definitly sounds like one for the mousse lovers, I am so excited to see it. I just hope its as fantastic as I think it's going to be. Come one, someone must have a pic to post! Please :smile:
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. ooo deb you got me all excited when I saw that you posted in this thread, I thought maybe you had a pic lol!! :biggrin:
  7. LOL!!! Sorry, no pics...I just got tickled at your earlier post! :P
  8. i saw the galet today (sorry no pics though!) and it was a really light grey stone color w/ a bit of a beigish undertone... it was very nice....but the color I really loved was the roche-- which was a darker grey w/brownish undertones!
  9. Thanks for sharing mintpearl! Those both sound beautiful! I will have to check them out in person.
  10. ^ i forgot to mention before...but u can also see pics of the colors on at the spring Chloe collection!
  11. Thanks mintpearl! I do like the roche but not so keen on galet, to me it seems a bit nothingy, like not cream, not brown, not grey. I still prefer mousse to both those colours. They'll probably grow on me though. Most things chloe have a tendency to do that!
  12. i tried looking @ LVR to see the colors but all they have is galet i think. which is absolutely beautiful but i personally prefer the hardware to be brass as opposed to the silver color. i wish they made galet with a brass lock! wut the hell's canelle??? i figured mais is yellow. b/c it means corn. LOL
  13. canelle= cinnamon. LV has a bag in Canelle, the Alma I think (?? not sure, I am not an LV expert). It's a gorgeous color. Really nice! I'm assuming Chloe's Canelle is similarly beautiful!
  14. Thanks rinstar! I'm really loving the argent & the galet though. :love: :heart: :drool: