Galet Day SGH

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  1. I just bought a SGH Day Galet from BalLV! I am so HAPPY & SHOCKED because I read on here that Bal was not making f/w gh Day Bags. Just letting ya'll know they are available ... run, don't walk!!!!
  2. Me too today! and being shipped today too. I know there were only 2 galet sgh left so we probably emptied out their stock on that.

    I think Bal isn't making a GGH in Days ---only SGH
  3. Wow! Please post its photos! :nuts:
  4. ^ for sure! I just tracked the package and it's already in my city! BUT i know I won't be home when it's delivered so will have to pick it up tomorrow..bummer :pout:
  5. Hey guys can i ask you something? I adore the colour grey but galet seems like beige also. How grey is it? do you say it's 100% grey? or grey/beige?

    And congrats on your new bags!!!
  6. I got one too! The leather is really lovely. Sorry can't post pics as I don't have my camera wires with me. It is beautiful in a quiet, low key sort of way. The color galet is not striking but it really is the perfect neutral. And the SGH makes it look cool and sophisticated.
  7. I would describe it as grey, but with a khaki tint to it.