galet city GSH

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  1. hi guys! does anyone know where i can find a galet city with giant silver hardware?? thanks!!
  2. sorry can anyone help? i think nordies and saks are out... :sad:
  3. Did you try Balenciaga boutiques? I heard they are still getting stuff in. I don't think the retail outlets ordered much this time. Everyone I'm calling ordered a lot of CH stuff (esp. Barney's and NM). Sorry I can't really help but wanted to acknowledge your post. :smile:
  4. try calling this saks. 210-839-5256. sorry i know its in Texas but dont know if its Austin or Dallas. Ask for Nancy she helped me get the Galet in GSH PT so maybe she can help you find the Galet GSH City. i hope this helps!
  5. Or try BalLV and ask for Chiemi 702-732-1660