Galaxy S III, Droid Razr, or Razr Maxx?


Galaxy S II, Droid Razr, or Razr Maxx?

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  1. I will be getting a new phone sometime in the next few weeks but I don't know which phone to get. I really want the Droid Razr but I heard that the battery sucks on it. I know there is the Razr Maxx but is it really worth the extra $100? And then my friend suggested that I get the Galaxy S III and now I don't know which phone to get. I really want the Razr but if the battery wont last me the whole day then I probably shouldn't get it since the battery life will just get worse from use.

    On top of trying to decide on phone I have to figure out how much data I will use in a month since verizon doesn't have unlimited data anymore. I barely use my blackberry now because it sucks and I can't really do much on it so I can't really compare and approximate how much data I would need with the new phone. I'm pretty sure I would be using the new phone a lot more in the future.

    Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated :smile: Thanks
  2. My boss has the Razr Maxx and loves it. He uses his phone a lot, and says that the battery life is excellent...the best he's seen on any phone yet. I almost bought a Razr Maxx myself a couple days ago (I was due for an upgrade), and I had the chance to mess around with one in the store. It's definitely fast as far as retrieving internet pages, and whatever else you want to do with it. The phone does not have a removable battery, so the back cover does not come off. The whole unit is sealed, which allows it to be slightly waterproof (like if something spills on it; don't drop your phone in the pool or anything lol). All in all, I really liked the phone...but I have smallish hands, and it's a pretty wide phone for me to hold. I just didn't feel like I had large enough hands to hold it well enough, so I didn't get it. I know it has GorillaGlass, but I still wouldn't want to drop it too often, and was afraid that I would since I was having trouble holding it firmly.

    I would recommend you go check out the Razr Maxx, and see what you think of it before you commit to buying it (or any other phone, if you're like me and like to try before you buy). I know Verizon doesn't have the Galaxy S3 in stores yet, but I'm not sure if any other cell providers do or not. If you can find one somewhere, try it out too and then see what you think between the two. Both phones are good choices.
  3. galaxy s3
    so easy to use, beautiful screen, very fast.
  4. I think if you're gonna go with an Android phone, Samsung makes the best. As far as battery life, get a $5 car charger and charge it whenever you're in there.
  5. I think the Galaxy SIII is a little bit bigger than the Razr Maxx and I don't think the battery life is as good. I think it mite be cheaper though. It's suppose to be in stores at verizon in a little over a week or so. I heard the camera isn't as good as some of it's competitors either but I plan on going to verizon to take a look at the both of them.

    That's a good idea but I'm not in the car that often. I take public transit to school and for some reason most of the classrooms have no to very little outlets =[
  6. The battery life on the Rarz Maxx is the best out there currently. Also, most sales reps will tell you that Motorola has the best antenna in the business, so you will probably get better reception with a Moto phone compared to other brands. This may or may not be a big deal to you, depending on where you live and travel to (tower availability). The Galaxy S3 is a bit cheaper than the Razr Maxx.

    Good luck making a decision on your new phone! It was somewhat stressful for me this time, because I finally made the switch from BlackBerry to Android, so I had to do a lot of research on Android-powered phones to try to figure out what would work well for me.
  7. I've noticed an improvement in battery life between the GS2 and the GS3.

    Also, maybe charge through your USB port on your laptop? There's also the option to have a spare battery if you're on the phone a lot.
  8. I also have a blackberry right now and I want to switch to an android phone. Every time it's time to upgrade I chose a phone without doing research and the phone I choose always ends up giving me problems. I've learned my lesson so now I've done some research. Lol.
  9. It will be easier than you think to make the switch, I promise. I honestly wish I had done it sooner. I was just scared of change and having to relearn (I'm kind of a creature of habit). Making the switch has been nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I did a lot of research before I upgraded this time too, and it really helped me out a lot. I found YouTube videos from Wirefly and other retailers to be really helpful, because you get honest reviews AND get to see the phones in action at the same time.
  10. I've had the Razr Maxx since around Feb. and I love it. The battery life is amazing!

    I've always loved Android. I've had the Droid 1 and Droid Pro and the Maxx is amazing.

    It's very fast, but I do live in an area that has good signal and is mostly a Verizon area.