1. just needed to freak out a little to ppl who understand!!! :censor:
    my Batignolles Vertical, i was carrying it to school today, and i just bought a new bottle of water coz i was thirsty, i usually get evian coz it taste better and the top is secure, but they didn't have it at this certain grocery store... so i ended up getting on of those pop top ones... so u guessed it..!! it POPPED open in my BAG!!! :mad: so i had this mini flood inside my darling LV, and now i'm back home trying to dry it. :rant: not only that.. but ALL my stuff, including my new ipod video, got WET! and my wallet.. etc..!@#$%^&*...!!!
    well, at least now i've got proof that LVs are waterproof :Push: it was like i was carrying a bucket of water home.
  2. Oh no!
  3. OMGosh, I hope you get it all cleaned up.
  4. OMG...I am sorry to hear that.I hope it won't damage the bag and your ipod. I have done that too with that kind of water bottle, I was lucky it was happen in trocadero bag. I only have to wipe it off from the leather lining.
  5. :oh: I am begining to have a phobia of water bottles. I cant even say how many times I have just tossed a bottle of water into one of my bags. This forum has me thinking twice about that from now on.
  6. Sorry about you bag.... hope it dries out well.
  7. I love that bag! My daughter took it to school today as well.
  8. Oh my! I hope your bag dries and there's no damage.
  9. See, this is why I never put bottles of anything in my bag, not even my empty, fully sealed coffee travel mug. Leaks scare the bejeezus out of me. An all out flood would give me a heart attack!
  10. ***hugs*** i hope everything drys out ok!!!
  11. Yikes. Sorry to hear that you had a little flood in your LV. I hope it drys out good.:flowers:
  12. Woopsie! Good thing it wasn't something sticky and red, like Hawaiian Punch! Best wishes on the drying out...should recover nicely, being an LV and all...:yes:
  13. Ugh I always hate when that happens :o( I hope your LV turns out to be okay & thank goodness it was water and not something else!
  14. Oh no, I hope everything is ok when it all dries out !
  15. I bet you could turn it inside out. that will help it dry out better. Just unfasten the side buckles and flip it inside out.
    Good luck!