Gaining almost 10 pounds in a month?!

  1. I'm not a big girl but I'm not tiny either. I've always had to be kind of careful. I'm 5'5 or 5'6, can't remember, and I've been a steady 135 for a few years. I don't work out tho I SHOULD, but I'm not able to get to a gym.

    But ANYWAYS, over the past month my eating habits have changed but gotten better and I've gained almost 10 pounds! I'm not sure what's going on! People keep telling me it's marriage weight (was married in June) but I call BS, both of us have improved our eating and cut down on our snacking, theres no reason for such FAST weight gain.

    I'm definately not pregnant, what do you think it is? My guess is Hypothyroidism but I don't know. I'm practically a clone of my mother and she has it, started showing symptoms at 26 (my age) and she's convinced that's what it is. The thing is I had a blood test for it maybe 3 months ago. Does that condition sneak up on you that fast? I always assumed it would be gradual but I can't figure out why the sudden weight gain! I think I'll go get another blood test done but I wanna know for sure if symptoms can start so quickly. Thanks!
  2. Are you eating more calories even though you are eating healthier foods? It could be your thyroid. I don't know how long that takes to make you gain weight though.

    I made a thread recently where I gained 5 pounds in a week but I seem to have lost it. I think I was just very bloated.
  3. Yes, it could be a calorie increase even though your eating better foods, but I think you should get your thyroid checked. My sister has a thyroid problem, they tested her because she was rapidly gaining weight and once they put her on meds, she droped 15 lbs. instantly.
  4. Did you find out what it was? You need to seriously take a blood test to rule out EVERYTHING.....:heart:
  5. Usually thyroid problems run in the family so if your mum and sister have had it then you might have it as well. I suggest going to your GP and getting your blood tested.
  6. I would advise seeing a Dr about it...

    but if you eat more, you can easily put on 10 lbs in one month :yes:. I have done it before, many times!
  7. Thanks girls. I'm going to get my blood done after work.I really hope they find something because I'm so convinced that's what it is... I haven't increased my calorie intake. I've been cutting down on snacks which, I would THINK, would keep mr from gaining 10 pounds. When I get my blood drawn I'll mention to the person there about how my mom has it and everything. I almost feel like they really half-assed my last test because I seem to have no metabolism all of the sudden.
  8. Good luck! Hope all is well!
  9. Could be thyroid. I have hashimotos which means I have haypothyroid but it also comes in attacks of low function as it is an autoimmune disease. Make sure they run a full panel of tests not just TSH level. Also be aware that the US uses a broader interuptation of TSH results than the international community means it is harder to be diagnosed here.
  10. Some of it could be water weight..... don't be too hard on yourself. Get blood tests and if they show nothing maybe do a daily food log with calorie count.
  11. Yeah, gillianna is right. It could be water weight too. Sometimes if I drink a lot of soda (diet) or eat a lot of sodium, I will gain water weight. Once I cut out the soda (even diet--i don't drink reg.) I will drop maybe 5 lbs. just from water weight.
  12. Well I've been drinking a LOT of water lately and eating reallllly careful I'm down to 138 which is better then the 141 I was. Maybe I can get back down but dammit that still doesn't explain such a rapid weight loss.

    Also I didn't know that, Tasche, that might explain why my results came back normal last time. I'm really hoping to hear from them today or tomorrow. =)
  13. I'm at your height as well and was 140 once so I know how you feel. i lost the weight due to my wisdom teeth surgery at the beginning of the year since i couldn't eat solids.

    I am now 133. I just maintain by doing lots of cardio (elliptical, treadmill, spinning) and pilates.

    def get a physical and get your thyroid checked. are you on the birth control? that makes some women gain weight.