gah! why don't buyers read the return policies!!

  1. after the nonsense from past buyers, I changed my return policy

    it now reads that I will take a return less shipping and a 20% restocking fee if all tags are attached including a tyvek wristband that I put on all of my bags (the band itself even says must be attached for return).

    girl emails me, tells me the bag is too big (dimensions were CLEARLY stated in the listing) and that she took my tyvek tag off but still wants to return, like no big deal! HUH? do these people read?

    I told her no, told her the rules were there for a reason and the dimensions were there for a reason and without that tag, no deal, I'm too worried about the bait and switch schemes.


    we'll see what she says now
  2. I am/was in the same boat. A guy did this to me. BUT~ then he stole my auction description/pics and listed the bag. I turned him in...shut down his auction. He re-listed the item w/ my security tag. He still has not given me feedback, I think he is waiting to see if he can sell the bag himself.
  3. Some buyers simply don't care about return policies. No matter how many times you repeat it in your listing, they still think they can modify the terms after winning the auction. Let us know how everything turns out.
  4. court~
    it never ends does it? I've got a doozy right now. Buyer was emailed measurements, fabric content, etc. Auction states NO RETURNS! Guess what? She wants to return, says she doesn't like the color. Honest to pete!! What about NO RETURNS do people not get? How do you say DON'T BID IF YOU CAN'T READ!! ARghhhhh!!!!
  5. What a JERK!!! :tdown:
  6. yeah, and if you put in your auction "don't bid if you can't read the whole auction", then everyone thinks you're a big jerk

    can't win....ugh

    worst part is, this chick emailed me for more measurements on this bag. I wasn't home so I asked poor DH to measure it. so she had no less than 6 measurements on this bag, and she had the nerve.....

    I hate when people say they don't understand dimensions. HUH? it's l x w x h, we learned it in grade school, get a piece of paper out and draw it out or find something of similar size in your house.

    people are so stupid
  7. Ugh, same happened to me. I'm sure everyone has heard THAT story by now. Long story short, I put "new" in the title since the set had just come out that week but clearly stated that the set had been watched once...obviously that means OPENED, not to mention that in the pictures, I had it open to show the discs. So the lady says she thought it was new and was disappointed to find it was opened because she wanted to give it as a gift and left this comment in my feedback: "Very fast shipping. Good communication. Read carefully- New! may not mean unopened"

    Um maybe if you would have read the description and looked at the pictures (i.e. READ CAREFULLY, as she told others to do :rolleyes:), you would have seen that. Geez.
  8. Also, I forgot to add, let us know what happens!
  9. UPDATE!

    I get this email from her this morning (all in caps by the way which is always lovely)

    (buyers name here)

    So, I was PISSED, so I wrote this (I think it is very firm, but still nice, what do you guys think?)
    (buyers name here), I do bend over backwards to have happy customers, which you should understand since I got you all of the additional measurements on this bag that you requested and sent them to you very quickly. All of the dimensions were in the listing and you received some additional dimensions on top of that and now you tell me it's too big, even when everything was right there?

    Did you read my entire lising including my return policies? Did you read on the orange tag on the purse where it clearly stats "(sellers name here) must be attached for return"? If you tried to return something to a regular brick and mortar store and did not adhere to their return policies, do you think they would take the item back?

    If people follow instructions, I take things back no questions asked and I immediately refund their money less the shipping and restocking fee. You either did not read the instructions or chose to ignore them and believe the rules did not apply to you.

    I would like to be able to leave positive feedback for you as well, I try very hard to have happy customers and I have many of them that come back and buy over and over again.

    I feel that I was very nice to you, very honest, I gave you everything you asked for, and now you are trying to take advantage of my niceness. I have been scammed in the past with buyers returning a used bag or a fake bag in place of the real one, which is why I place that orange tag on all of my items in the first place and refuse returns if it is removed.

    I have not yet decided if I will take your return or not. I will decide once you respond to this email.

    How'd I do? Let's see what she says now......
  10. OMG, I got mad for you reading her e-mail! :cursing:
  11. was I too mean in my reply? I would like to avoid neg fb, but I'm so mAD!
  12. I actually thought you were too nice in telling her that you're still considering a return. The rest of the e-mail was not mean, but it was firm.
  13. I just want to see what she says after I reminded her of how nice I was in giving her all the info she wanted, etc.

    we'll see.....I'll keep you gals posted
  14. OMG how horrible!!! I can't believe she is acting like this is YOUR fault.

    When that lady emailed me about that dvd set, I told her that I normally would not accept returns but in this case I would and of course, I never heard back from her (save for the positive feedback). I hope your buyer realizes that this is HER fault and not yours. I think your response was perfect.
  15. i hope this all works out for you. i get so peeved when buyers totally ignore the description. the thing that really ticks me off is that paypal totally ignores your policies as well if the buyer opens a complaint.