Gah! Stupid Fedex!

  1. Sorry but I really need to vent right now :hysteric:I wish Coach would use a different service to ship, or at least that Fedex could bring packages to the correct address. I'm so fuming annoyed right now! I was expecting a Coach package today-nothing major, just refill for my agenda. I went on just now to track it because it wasn't here yet and it says DELIVERED and then something along the lines of how they left it at the door at 2:30. There is no excuse for this, I've been home since before noon. So I call and the guy is like "it was delivered to XXX....yeah, the wrong address!!!!!!!!!" :hysteric: Who's mistake is this? Coach's or Fedex? I suspect Fedex but we'll see. Coach has my address and all correct in the shipping email. I can't even go see if my little package is at a neighbors house (I don't even know, I'll be checking street numbers) until dh gets home because my son is with me. Blargle$%&#AAAHHHHH! Soo aggravated!:bagslap:
  2. You really have problems with Fedex??? Our Fedex guy is so awesome!!!! He always drops everything @ my house first and on days that I'm at work he'll just bring it here ( I work inside of our neighborhood)

    Now UPS on the other hand.......... i can't stand them, they've delivered a package to me before at 11 at night!!!!
  3. wow that really sucks.. I guess it all depends on the drivers
  4. mine is awesome, too...he delivered my new khaki/berry Carly a whole day earlier than they estimated!!!
  5. Fedex sucks in NY!
  6. I'm in NY, but not in the city!!!!
  7. Well I don't know, my UPS guy is great but apparently Fedex not so much. I just ran to my neighbors but they aren't even home yet and there is no package there. I called Fedex and they said "oh it's a misdelivery, he delivered it to the wrong address." so now I have to wait until they manage to track down the driver and he tracks down the package, they have no idea how long this will take. :tdown:
  8. My Fedex guy is pretty sweet. Onetime I left a note saying he can leave the package (happens to be Coach) in the garage (my garage door has no lock). Every since then the driver leaves Coach packages in the garage but not others.

  9. that isnt good what if this was a expensive coach handbag or something?? thats terrible?? tell the fed ex driver if you see him to get navigation!!!!:yes:
  10. Oh I am so sorry that this happened to you! Our fed ex driver is pretty bag too!
  11. Good point! I think I will take this as a lesson and have bags for store pick up only. I have no patience for this sort of thing, I know people make mistakes and all so I guess I should be more understanding but it seems like even when they do make mistakes no one even cares. A "sorry, we'll resolve it quickly" or something to that effect would be nice. Oh well.
  12. I would be reporting this to fed ex.
  13. My Fedex boxes always smell like cigarette smoke. I 've complained , but they haven't done anything about it !:throwup:
  14. i'm sorry that your packages are being mistreated so. :wtf:
    it simply isn't acceptable.
    i would call fedex and bit*h them out about it.
    what if whoever they delivered it to decide "oh well finders keepers"??
  15. I'm so sorry your purse is missing! Darn Fed-Ex! Fed-Ex here sucks, too. If they're not busy losing/misdeliverying my packages, they leave my packages out in the open so anyone off the street can see it! Now, my UPS guy is awesome! He even hides my packages behind planters on my porch so no one can see them from the street. I guess it varies with different drivers in any delivery company.*sigh* I hope they track your purse down though!