GAH!! Scammer of a buyer and PP froze my account

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  1. I am so freaking angry.

    I sold brand new software with BIN w/ immediate payment so there was no opportuntity for me to read the buyers feedback before the transaction took place. So this person buys and pays and I ship it. This is full version software not an upgrade.

    He then files a dispute with PP and immediately escalates it to a claim for SNAD saying I sent him an upgrade version. I then read his feedback and he as a few negatives stating that he has done the bait and switch to other software sellers, which I report to PP, who have frozen my account.

    I seriously hope they look at this scammer's track record and side with me. If they side with him I will completely done with PP as I will be out $300.

    I'm so angry. :cursing:
  2. Good luck!!!!
  3. Oh no...I am sorry this happened to you, I would be angry as well!
    I sincerely hope that PP does the right thing here...and ebay should NARU this buyer!
  4. Check with your post office, I think you can claim fraud on him for the accusation though I'm not totally certain. I am so SICK of this crap with PP as well, I need anxiety meds just to do sales in the last couple of years on ebay I swear :sad:
  5. oh i swear, paypal has no protection for sellers at all. its a buyers market on ebay :sad:
  6. Unbelievable. You were frauded and now you are the guilty one for PP!
  7. This is awful!!!Good luck!!
  8. Thanks all.

    I swear, if this does not get sided in my favour, I am done with ebay and PP. Even if it is sided in my favour, I may very well be done with ebay anyway as I am appalled at what they are doing to the feedback system commencing in May.

    They just do less and less all the time to protect or help sellers.
  9. If paypal does not side with you, I think everyone on the purse forum should either call their 800 # or e mail them and complain. There is power in large numbers.Paypal needs a wake up call. I am so sick of them.
  10. Best of luck to you and I really hope pp does the right thing.
  11. sorry to hear about this, good luck with your claim! For your future auctions, if you still want to use the immediate payment function, maybe you could check the buyer's feedback BEFORE shipping. If the buyer's feedback is a little dubious or has many negs, then just refund the money. you risk getting a neg from the buyer, but better a neg than losing $300. Just my 2cents...
  12. I thought paypal wouldn't even investigate if the item was not as described ( I not saying yours was). But in the past when I have tried to get help from paypal as a buyer because something was not as described ie upgrade vs full software. I was told that as long as I got something they wouldn't get involved.
  13. tough luck once again. from experience, paypal will not side with you. They will say they investigate the matter, but the truth is they let the case sit for one month then ask the buyer to send the software back and give the buyers his money. Sellers have no protection and paypal will freeze your account for no reason. I hope you best of luck. I have enough with ebay and paypal. I don't think the stress is worth it.
  14. I wish you luck. This is why I have some items I would not mind selling, but I will not be using ebay. If I give them to charity, at least I get a write off and no risk of being defrauded.
  15. I do give a lot to charity and would likely give away many of the items I sell as well but in Canada you cannot write off non-cash donations.